Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1290

Everyone’s eyes lit up. Clearly, this condition had successfully tempted them.

“Think about it. How can Mr. Norton be defeated over such a small thing? Did all of you forget that the Norton family already has over fifty percent of the shares in this company?”

Although Wayne was afraid that Fabian would find out about his embezzlement, he was even more afraid of becoming his arch enemy. Since he was the general manager of Phoenix Group, needless to say, he was very familiar with Fabian’s brutal methods.

Lyna frowned when she noticed Wayne being intimidated.

Immediately, she smiled faintly and softened her tone. Without Wayne, her plans would collapse, and she would not be able to accomplish anything.

“Mr. Freeman, you’re worrying too much. When the time comes, Fabian will be too overwhelmed by his own matters to go and punish you.”

She paused, then continued, “If everyone is still worried, I do have a way to make him unable to bring up this matter!”

Everyone hesitated, suspicious.

Lyna spoke again. “It’s simple. Just push it onto someone else. For example, push it to Wayne. Then, Wayne can push it to Mr. Dane, saying that he’d received news that the stock market was about to collapse, so you were forced to do it for the sake of the company. What do you all think?”

As soon as she was done speaking, Lyna studied the people in silence. She was certain that this would make them agree to her plan. If they still disagreed, she would not hesitate to expose the evidence and let Fabian punish all of them. That would also allow others to see the consequences of not agreeing to work with her.

The evidence she had gathered was not merely limited to the few people present. As Phoenix Group was the country’s largest company, its subsidiaries had their own flaws as well. Therefore, aside from Wayne, Lyna did not care about the rest of them. If they did not agree, Fabian would punish them when he found out about it anyway.

“Are you sure this works?” asked someone, as they all still had their suspicions.

“Huh, I guess I’ll have to tell Fabian about this. Figure it out yourselves then. Just don’t blame me as I already reminded you,” replied Lyna casually as she shrugged.

“Please, wait! Let’s discuss this through, okay?”

Upon hearing that she was about to report it to Fabian, the people became anxious.

“We’re fine. The main issue is…” said a man, as his eyes flickered over to Wayne.

Naturally, Lyna understood what he meant.

Wayne quickly ran through the pros and cons of the situation in his mind. He had been dedicated to the company for so many years and had helped it benefit a lot. Even if Fabian found out about his embezzlement, he would not punish him too heavily.

As he thought of this, Wayne shook his head. That was impossible since Fabian hated such people the most. Previously, he had said that if he found out about such an issue, he would punish the person involved severely.

Would it be better if I just do as she says when he comes to question me about it later on? After all, I wouldn’t have known what was going on, so I did it because I had the company’s interests at heart. At the very most, he can punish me for improper operations.

“Then Mr. Dane…” he asked. He was getting convinced.

A smile unconsciously spread out on Lyna’s face. She hurriedly said, “Don’t worry about that. We’ve already spoken to him. He’ll fully cooperate with us.”

“Okay! I agree!” said Wayne eventually as he gritted his teeth.

Instead of letting Fabian deal with him, he felt that it was better to take a gamble. Perhaps he could have a better chance at survival then.

After Wayne pondered for a while, he said, “But you’ll have to promise that you’ll no longer contact us about this matter when it’s over. You have to hand over all the original and backup copies of the evidence that you’d gathered. Oh, and tell me who’s the mole.” He would rather choose to face Fabian’s punishment over becoming enslaved to Lyna forever just because of one issue.

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