Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1292

She ran her fingers through her hair in confusion.

Sigh! If I’m destined to be doomed, so be it! At least it works like a charm for the protagonists in soap operas!

After Hannah made up her mind, she approached Fabian and took a seat on his lap. Pouting her lips, she leaned forward and looked at him in the eyes with a coquettish look. She begged intimately, “Can you please forget about it? I’m afraid I won’t be able to move on!”

He could barely pull himself together due to her mellifluous voice and babelicious look. As she started twitching, his body responded accordingly.

Staring at her in the eyes, he behaved as though he couldn’t wait to devour her.

As he licked his lips, he leaned forward in an attempt to kiss her.

Unfortunately, he failed to achieve his goals because two slender fingers stopped him when his lips were a few inches away from hers.

“Shh… Why don’t you take everything into consideration and see if I’m able to influence your decision? In the meantime, let’s take our time and appreciate the other party’s presence.”

Hannah was a little shy; she had mimicked the plot of a few soap operas she had watched. Don’t the characters of the soap opera have a better way to achieve their goals?

All of a sudden, Fabian was clueless about his next best course of action. What do you mean we’re supposed to take our time? It’s out of the question, okay?

“Can you please promise me?”

Hannah arched her brows and ran her fingers all over Fabian’s head, from his cheeks to his neck and all the way to his chest.


He couldn’t suppress the urge he felt anymore because of her bewitching look. To be precise, he couldn’t wait to have her underneath him.

After caving in to her request, he wrapped his arms around her. Similarly, she played along and lay on top of him.

I guess there’s a reason this is the most common method portrayed in soap operas to seduce a man, huh?

Since it works like a charm against an indifferent man like Fabian, I don’t think there’s anyone I can’t charm. Perhaps not every plot in soap operas is fictional!


As Hannah lost herself in a train of thoughts, she felt someone fondling her busty figures. Subconsciously, she moaned as her body unwittingly convulsed.

Consequently, she felt a certain something around her pelvic area after she inched away from her initial position. As Fabian was overwhelmed by the wonderful sensation, he stopped holding back, teasing Hannah with everything he had to offer.

Similarly, she flushed as she could clearly feel them entangling together. She secretly reprimanded herself as she indulged in the session.

You’re such a fool! Since you had seen this coming, why didn’t you do anything to stop him? You don’t have to follow the plot of the soap operas anymore!

She regretted her decision, yet there wasn’t anything else she could do to change the outcome.

As he carried on with an amorous kiss, it was only a matter of time before he got on top of her and finished the things she had started.

Damn it! I’m not going to watch any soap operas in the future!

As she thought about it, she started moaning and panting.

In an isolated prison in Baykeep, the warden yelled, “Yvette.”

When she heard the warden, she brought herself up and approached the entrance.

“Follow me! Someone’s here to visit you!”

After the warden opened the door, he moved aside and muttered to himself, “I guess having a gorgeous appearance is quite advantageous, huh? Someone shows up to visit you the moment you’re convicted.”

Yvette grinned because she thought someone was there to get her out of the jail. Lyna is quite reliable, isn’t she?

She marched alongside the warden and shook her head as she thought about the things that would be in store for her after she made her way out. Although it would be the end of her career, she wasn’t worried because she had a lot of savings after working hard over the years.

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