Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1296

Colors had long drained from Shanice’s face. As her heart started racing, she knocked on the door before entering the office.

“Who is she? Why has Mr. Norton asked her over after his marriage? Is she Mr. Norton’s mistress?” The receptionist muttered to herself before returning to her position.

As Shanice entered the office, she stared at the man behind the table, yet he was in the middle of perusing the documents, showing no intention to talk to her.

After a few minutes, Fabian put the contract aside after he signed it. Once he was done, he raised his head and sized up Shanice who was in front of him.

“Are you Shanice?”

He was slightly disappointed by the woman’s look because he thought she didn’t have the things it would take to charm Jaxon into picking a fight with him.

Is it because Jaxon thinks I’m an easy target or is it because he has a weird kink for women like this?

Although Shanice was gorgeous, she was nothing close to the socialite Fabian would encounter on a daily basis.

“Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! You’re not even a match for Hannah!” Fabian exclaimed as he had his eyes glued to Shanice.

When Shanice heard him, she thought she had misperceived the reason she was summoned there.

Has he summoned me because of my look instead of the accident?

Shanice was stunned when she thought about it. Seconds after she gathered her thoughts, she ran her fingers through her hair and looked Fabian in the eyes.

He felt a chill running down his spine and knew she had misperceived his words, thinking he had a thing for her.

“Are you Shanice?” Slouching against the chair, he deadpanned his question after losing interest in the woman.

He couldn’t help but wonder if his subordinates had sent the wrong person to his office.

When Shanice heard him, she nodded and asserted, “Yes.”

“Are you aware Yvette has been taken into custody?”

Fabian cut the small talk and brought up the things he had in mind because he was certain the woman dared not try anything silly in front of him.

The moment Shanice heard Yvette’s name, she shuddered in fear because she was afraid Fabian would put her life at stake.

She stuttered, “I-I’m aware, Mr. Norton…”

As he wouldn’t move his eyes away from her, she thought he had misperceived her words. Thus, she immediately explained, “Although I’m aware Yvette has been imprisoned, the accident has nothing to do with me! I swear upon my name!”

She raised her hand and announced, “If and only if I have lied…”

Has she lost her mind or something? I’m pretty sure she has been made use of by Yvette because of her limited intelligence. Fabian was rendered speechless by the foolish woman’s action. He had no intention to take things out on her because he was certain she was nothing more than a pawn.

She got increasingly anxious because he wouldn’t stop staring at her in silence.

As it seemed as though he had his doubts against her words, she announced, “Mr. Norton, you have to believe me! I have been telling the truth!”

“Stop wasting my time and tell me the things Yvette has told you!”

He had enough of her and decided it was time to wrap up their conversation.

“Huh? Oh! She approached me and asked me to do her a favor. I can’t possibly turn down her as we’re under the management of the same company. After I reached her place, she told me she would allow me to play the role of a supporting character in her upcoming drama. I succumbed to temptation, but there was nothing else apart from that!”

After another few seconds, she asserted, “Oh! On top of that, she failed to uphold her promise after I fulfilled mine! In other words, I had nothing to do with it!”

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