Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1308

At that thought, Helen dashed up and grabbed hold of Jason to prevent him from further doing anything extreme.

“H-How dare you hit me? An apology won’t help you now! Just you wait to be beaten up!” the server snapped viciously as she glowered at Jason with bulging eyes and pure malice on her face.

“What’s wrong? What happened here?”

Due to the commotion, the other servers and security rushed over.

“What happened?” a security officer asked the server who had been slapped.

“Mr. Jordan, he hit me! Look, my face is all swollen!” the server exclaimed aggrievedly as she touched her face.

When the chief security officer heard that, his brows creased. Looking at Jason, he murmured, “Excuse me, sir, but no matter what the reason may be, you have to apologize if you hit someone.”

He was exceedingly polite in his speech since he had no inkling of Jason’s identity. What if he’s an official or a wealthy businessman’s son considering his domineering attitude? I’ll just be shooting myself in the foot if I were to be rude to him!

“Apologize to her? What a joke! When have I, Jason Goldstein, ever apologized to anyone? Say, are you all blind? Didn’t you see that server’s rotten attitude? If I were your boss, I would’ve fired her ages ago. She will just ruin the business if you allow her to stay!”

Rage blazed within Jason upon hearing that the chief security officer wanted him to apologize to the server. Why should I apologize when I didn’t do anything wrong?


At that moment, the chief security officer was caught in a dilemma as he instantly understood what had happened the moment he heard that. The server in question had always looked down on others, so he was naturally aware of that.

“We’ll naturally deal with the situation you mentioned earlier behind closed doors, but you must apologize for having hit her. Otherwise…” the chief security officer asserted with a frown even as his gaze remained fixed on Jason.

How am I going to garner any respect here in the restaurant if I don’t side with the employees as the chief security officer?

“What the hell? What did you just say? Do repeat it. You actually dared to threaten me? Who do you think you are?” Jason roared as he pointed at the chief security officer, the reins on his emotions snapping when he heard him issuing a threat.


Just when Jason was about to charge forward and teach the chief security officer a lesson on manners, an imposing voice rang out.

The person who spoke was none other than Fabian. As soon as he entered the restaurant, he caught sight of Jason’s aggressive behavior.

On the other hand, Jason instinctively stilled upon hearing Fabian’s voice. Turning to look at Fabian, he then wilted even as he greeted, “Hi, Fabian.”

Hannah was relieved at the sight of Fabian, for she truly didn’t know what to do if Jason got into a brawl. “You are finally back.”

“What happened here?” Fabian queried as he pinned his glacial eyes on the chief security officer.

While his voice was a mere whisper, it sounded like a peal of thunder in the ears of the chief security officer. Meeting Fabian’s cold gaze, he stammeringly replied, “Mr. Norton, I think there’s been a misunderstanding here.”

Although he didn’t know who exactly Fabian was, he had seen the restaurant owner smiling ingratiatingly at him and addressing him as Mr. Norton while scraping and bowing. Therefore, he was certain that Fabian was a prominent figure.

“Well, what happened? Spit it out!” Fabian growled as he continued staring at him with displeasure written all over his face.

“The thing is, Mr. Norton, our server offended this gentleman here because of her attitude. So, he slapped her. When I had rushed over, I requested that he apologize as we’ll deal with the server later, but he wasn’t happy with that. Then, you saw what happened thereafter.”

Inwardly, the chief security officer lamented, Why do I have such shitty luck? The thing I feared most has truly come to pass—I’ve really bumped into someone I can’t afford to offend!

Casting a glance at the server, who was standing at the side, Fabian declared coldly, “She’s fired.”

Cough, cough…

Helen couldn’t help giving a few light coughs upon hearing that. Oh wow, Fabian is really domineering!

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