Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1334

“It’s just a game of Go. Do you have to be all philosophical about it?”

Fabian smiled and went up to Jason. “Let’s watch some TV.” He patted Jason’s shoulder.

At the same time, Hannah and Helen came back with the pizza ingredients. They noticed that Fabian was all smiles. “Someone seems happy.”

Fabian went to help them with the bags. He smiled. “You got a ton of stuff here.”

Hannah was getting used to him caring for her. “Is that so?”

Jason was on the sofa, staring at Helen. “I bet you would finish more than half of the stuff here. You’re the glutton here. Honestly, you’re like a pig.”

“W-Who are you calling a pig?” Helen didn’t refute the fact that she was the one who bought the bulk of the ingredients. Obviously Jason hit the mark.

“Me, obviously.” Jason turned the TV on with the remote control and watched the show.

“Why you…” Helen pointed at him angrily, but she couldn’t retort, for she did buy a lot of food, but she was thinking that Hannah and Fabian could finish them if she couldn’t.

“Alright, Helen. Let’s make the pizzas now,” Hannah calmed her sister down. She knew what Jason was like. He might have a sharp tongue, but he cared about Helen.

A young man in a suit and necktie was standing before Lyna’s desk in her office. “Everything’s going smoothly. Most of the office are on our side, but…”

Lyna was sitting with her legs crossed, and she was sipping her tea. “But what?”

The man continued, “But the geezers are still in power. Most of our men are working under them. We can’t talk to them, since they’re loyal to your father. By the way, the HR department’s manager’s wife was seriously ill once, and he needed a lot of money for her treatment. So, I gave him two hundred grand so he’d join us.”

Lyna sipped some tea before nodding at that man. “Nicely done. Take five hundred grand from my private accountant later.”

The man looked delighted, but only for a moment, then it was replaced by anger. “I’m not done yet, Ms. Blackwood.” He paused for a moment. “I was going to settle the matter with this, but he chased me out after hearing what I had to say. He said you’re a traitor for taking away what is rightfully your father’s and your brother’s.”

“What?” Her eyes widened in anger, then she smashed the teacup against the floor.

The man stared down at the shards of the teacup and held his breath. He was worried Lyna might vent her anger on him.

Lyna calmed herself down, but her breathing was still heavy. Then, she asked, “Did he really said that?”

“Yes, Ms. Blackwood. Do you not trust me? After all that I have done for you?” The man looked at her in panic.

“Please calm down. I was just trying to get confirmation. Alright, go on.” Lyna eased up a bit.

“I see. I understand. Keep going as planned, and don’t let any chance slip by. The more support I get, the better my chances are, got it?”

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