Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1336

“Who cares if you can’t stand it? No matter what, you will still have to find a way to deal with it.” Hannah chuckled.

It was rare for Fabian and her to spend leisure time together, and in the midst of having fun, more than an hour flew past in a blink of an eye.

Looking down at her watch, Hannah reluctantly proposed, “Okay, should we stop here for today? It’s getting late, and I have to go back to work.”

Thereafter, the four of them packed up. While Jason and Helen stayed in the living room to play video games, Hannah and Fabian left for work.

Right before they left, Hannah glanced at her sister and sighed. “It is always nice to be a student. During the holidays, you get to play as much as you want.”

Then, she shook her head and hurried to work. When she reached her office, she began reviewing the interview questions to be used in the next few days.

However, she started yawning shortly after, and she decided to take a nap.


To Hannah’s oblivion, Bob’s assistant had pushed open her office door.

She awkwardly stood in the corner when she saw Hannah sleeping peacefully. As she contemplated if she should wake the sleeping figure up.

Hannah even started snoring.

Ahem! The assistant stared at Hannah in disbelief. Not only did she not notice my arrival, but she also continued to sleep more soundly than before. This is ridiculous!

Oh well, after all, she is married to the president of the top corporation in our country. Who cares about whether she is slacking off? I should be grateful that she even showed up at work.

Despite thinking that way, she coughed louder than just now. Although she could not bear to wake Hannah up, Bob’s request sounded urgent, so she had no other choice.


Hearing the loud cough, Hannah groggily opened her eyes and lifted her head to look at the person standing before her. She slurred, “Who are you?”

Seeing that Hannah was awake, the assistant let out a breath of relief, and she wasted no time to explain her visit. “Ms. Young, Mr. Dijon is looking for you and wants to see you in his office.”

“Huh? Mr. Dijon? Who is he?” Hannah muttered in a daze as she struggled to keep her eyes open.

“Our senior editor? Bob Dijon!”

The assistant panicked. Realizing that Hannah was still not fully awake, she was afraid that her words would go unheard, especially since Bob’s request was rather urgent.

“Bob Dijon? Are you sure it’s not Dijon mustard?” Hannah ruffled her hair and murmured under her breath.

She was obviously still half-asleep and looked like she was still figuring out whether she was dreaming.

It rendered the assistant speechless. I just want to bang her head against the wall now…

“Huh? Bob Dijon? Our senior editor?”

Suddenly, it clicked in Hannah’s head, and she straightened while staring at her visitor in shock. She was wide awake now.

“Yes, Mr. Dijon mentioned that he wants to see you urgently,” the assistant repeated. She finally understands what I’m saying. If she didn’t, I would go crazy.

“Oh…did he mention what it’s regarding?”

Hannah cautiously asked, embarrassed that she was caught sleeping at work by the assistant of Bob.

If Bob found out, he would dock her pay. When she was still new to the job previously, she was not aware that people would check on whether she was sleeping at work. To her dismay, a colleague reported her, and she not only ended up with no pay that month, but she also had to fork out another five hundred to make up for her mistake.

At that time, she was extremely frustrated and wondered why it was such a big deal that people had to monitor and report it.

From then on, she never dared to skive off at work. However, today…

Ah, this is all because of Helen. Why did she suggest playing poker? I only took an afternoon nap because of my lack of sleep.

“I’m not too sure about that either,” the assistant stated honestly.

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