Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1340

Xavier had collected his emotions, and his tone sounded calmer than before.

“With your assurance, I believe Ms. Young will be grateful,” Darius affirmed with a smile.

How could he not be glad that Xavier was now under his thumb!

“Sure, as long as you relay the message to her. You can take your leave now,” Xavier ordered.

Naturally, Darius did not dare to overstay his welcome since he had been lying the whole time. If he stayed any longer, Xavier might realize that he was lying and would surely punish him.

“Hold on,” As Yvette’s cousin was about to leave the office, Xavier suddenly sounded.

Eh? Did I seem to leave too quickly? Has he noticed something odd?

To his surprise, Xavier offered him, “Go to the receptionist and collect the reward you deserve. If anything else happens in the future, I want you to report it to me directly.”

“Sure, Mr. Jackson. Thank you.”

The man answered before scurrying out of the room. At that instant, he was overjoyed.

He did not expect to succeed in pulling off Yvette’s request by simply spouting nonsense here. Not only so, he even managed to earn extra cash. Xavier seems thoroughly convinced earlier, so the reward he’ll offer will probably be significant. Ten thousand? Otherwise, will he give me fifty thousand?

Regardless, this was extra cash, so it did not matter how much he received. He could only picture a certain naked lady in bed, beckoning him to join her. Needless to say, it was Yvette. With that scene in mind, he began to pick up his pace.

Meanwhile, in the president’s office, Xavier stood by the window while pondering the earlier conversation. After a long while, he finally muttered under his breath, “Fabian, I was going to let Hannah go, but that was before you mistreated her. Now, you have no right to accuse me of stealing your woman since I’m the one who will treasure her.”

There was a hint of joy in his angry tone. He thought that he still had a place in her heart since she thought of asking him for help. Although he might not matter to her as much as Fabian did, things might change after this incident.

Slowly, his lips curled into a small smile.

Back in Fabian’s office. He gasped, “What? Are you sure?”

He was looking through a document when he received a shocking piece of news from his trusted aide over a phone call.

“Okay, I got it.”

With that, he ended the call.

His gaze began to wander. Hannah, you actually refuse the interview because you are afraid that I’ll be jealous? If so, you are really silly.

Despite what he was thinking, Fabian was grinning.

“But I can’t figure out what Xavier is trying to do. Is he still trying to take Hannah away from me? First of all, we are married. Besides, she already threw him aside even before our wedding took place. Isn’t that right?”

The smile remained on his face, but the meaning behind it had changed. Clearly, he was mocking Xavier’s arrogance.

“Well, if you insist on fighting for Hannah, we shall see where this will lead to. Perhaps, you will end up making a fool of yourself.”

He could not be bothered to take the matter seriously because he knew that Hannah would never change her feelings for him.

“Ah, I’m so tired. God, can you send someone to save me? Who knew that working in the office was this tiring. When I started, I was quite lucky and finally got promoted. However, it’s so exhausting now. How is this a promotion? It seems more like a punishment to me!” Hannah whined while looking at the pile of documents before her.

They belonged to the presidents of various companies. Information on the confirmed interviews and even the potential ones were collected and given to her. As the person in charge of them, her senior editor wanted her to go through them as that was part of her job scope.

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