Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1351

Xavier, oh, Xavier, what have I ever done to you for you to haunt me like a spiteful spirit? Why do I keep running into you wherever I go? Can you just stop stalking me? I beg of you, please!

When Xavier saw Hannah’s gloomy expression, he figured that she didn’t want him to confront Fabian.

Fine, I’ll bear with it. I just don’t like watching the woman I like suffer. However, this is not the last you hear from me.

Xavier gritted his teeth and loosened the grip on his fists. Looking at Fabian, he sneered, “Fabian, you really disappoint me. I had wanted to give both you and Hannah my blessings, but I didn’t expect you to turn out this way.”

Fabian furrowed his brows and squinted his eyes. What do you mean by that? Although he didn’t understand what Xavier was getting at, he wasn’t going to tolerate Xavier’s rudeness.

“Xavier, since when do I need your advice? Shouldn’t you be minding your own business at the Jackson Group? What are you doing here? Please don’t tell me you’re here for lunch. No one is going to buy that lame excuse.”

“Hmph, of course I’m not here to have lunch. Only you will take Hannah to a place like this,” Xavier scoffed.

He had restrained himself previously on the account of Hannah’s feelings for Fabian. But now, things were different because Fabian didn’t treat Hannah well. In fact, he was even threatening her.

With that thought in mind, he couldn’t help but shoot Natasha a glance. Coincidentally, Natasha was also staring at him.

Natasha was shocked. She knew that her boss was the president of the largest conglomerate in the country and was surprised to see someone actually go against him, to the extent of yelling at him.

When Xavier looked in Natasha’s direction, she could feel his animosity toward her, which she didn’t understand why.

What is it? I don’t know you. In fact, I haven’t even seen you before. Why are you looking at me like that? Is this man a lunatic? Does he do this to everyone he meets?

Fabian couldn’t help but find it amusing as the place was chosen by Hannah. And now, Xavier assumed that it was his fault. Why are you upset when my wife wants to be a little thrifty?

“Hah, since when did it become your business where I take my family for lunch? Don’t you think you’re overstepping your boundaries here?”

Fabian didn’t feel the need to show Xavier any respect as he stepped forward in defiance, ready for a fight.

When Hannah saw that none of them was backing down, she quickly stood up and tugged Fabian’s arm. Retreating a few steps, she asserted, “Mr. Jackson, I have already agreed to do the interview, so please leave. I’ll arrive at your office on time tomorrow.”

Hannah assumed that he was venting his frustration due to her refusal to interview him.

Xavier furrowed his brows in response and decided to back down.

For her to say that, Hannah must have been threatened by Fabian, or perhaps she is just saying it out of pride. In that case, I’ll settle the score with Fabian another time.

“Hmph, Mr. Norton, I’m here because I have a business proposition for you. Therefore, I wonder if you’re free later as I would like to invite you over to Jackson Group,” Xavier suggested as he suppressed his confrontational tone.

“Hmm?” Fabian couldn’t help but snort.

What? Do you take me for a fool? Do you actually plan to talk business with that attitude of yours? Even a retard knows that you’re not harboring good intentions.

Nevertheless, Fabian was still curious as to what Xavier wanted to discuss, given his angry demeanor.

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