Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1356

“Yes, I understand. Don’t worry, if I can’t get rid of him, I know what to do,” her aide replied at once.

Lyna nodded in satisfaction before ending the call.

Every time Lyna met these leaders in secret, the general manager of Phoenix Group would always be present. Wayne’s attendance was a big influence on them, which was the effect Lyna intended him to have.

Just as expected, when everyone saw that the general manager had agreed, they too agreed without any hesitation.

However, this became one of her plan’s flaws. As long as someone was compromised, everyone else would be exposed. The reason was that Wayne had created a chain reaction that tied everyone together.

As of now, Lyna wasn’t the only one who was worried. Many of the leaders under Fabian were also pacing anxiously in their offices, thinking of the same issue. They were all considering whether to admit their wrongdoing or continue with the scheme.

Despite receiving Lyna’s reassurances that she would resolve the issue, the slightest mistake would allow Fabian to discover their deed. After all. they were considered to be in “rebellion.” No matter how forgiving he was, there was no way he could tolerate their actions.

After much consideration, they decided to continue with the plot and see where it would lead them.

After all, they weren’t left with much choice. Instead of owning up to Fabian, they might as well wait and see. Perhaps, they would have an opportunity to turn things around. As they were all rich but cowardly, their priority was just to survive another day.

Meanwhile, Captain Duncan called Fabian. “Mr. Norton, don’t worry, I have already given the orders. Every single district police station has deployed its men and is already on the lookout. Once your man appears, they will apprehend him at once.”

“Alright. In that case, I would like to thank you in advance. In the future, let me know if you encounter any problems. As long as it’s within my power, I’ll definitely help you with them,” Fabian plainly promised.

Now that the police have mobilized their forces, William would definitely be unable to escape.

Having ended his call, Fabian got up and headed downstairs.

He had decided to go and see Xavier. He felt it was a good time, given that he wasn’t overwhelmed by work yet. Besides, he figured that if he didn’t go, Xavier would definitely assume that he was afraid and would start spreading unfounded rumors.

Although he never cared about them personally, he still represented the company as its president. By extension, his image would also affect the company’s reputation at the same time. If a company’s leader doesn’t defend himself when being ridiculed by the public, doesn’t it also mean that the company is equally incompetent?

“Hello?” Fabian answered the aide’s call from inside his luxury car.

“Mr. Norton, we have found out every single detail about what William did over the last few days, including the color of this underwear.”

His aide continued, “He is wearing red today. Yesterday was black. The day before… wait, let me check…”

“Stop your nonsense!”

Fabian was speechless. Why the hell would I want to know the color of his underwear? If this gets out, everyone will think that I’m a freakin’ sicko!

“Just tell me who he met recently and who he is closest to!” Fabian yelled angrily.

“Oh, let me check. Over the past two days, he had spent most of his time with this one person for about ten hours a day.”

Fabian’s aide quickly answered when he realized Fabian losing his patience.

Ten hours? They must be discussing how to destroy me. But what are they really discussing? I mean that’s ten whole hours a day!

“What is the person’s name? What is her or his relationship with William?” Fabian plainly asked.

“Oh, her name is Shirley York… and, um… she’s his wife.”

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