Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1359

Before the security guards could react, Colton strode and threw a punch at one of them, who yelled for help. The next moment, he was sent flying and had fallen backward.


The security guard was furious after he fell heavily to the ground. How dare you beat me up at my territory? Wait a second… why does it feel… warm?

He was shocked the moment he touched his face. His nose was bleeding due to Colton’s single punch!

“Damn it! You son of a b*tch! I’ll show you who’s the boss!”

Although his nose was bleeding, he stood up and rushed toward Colton.

At the same time, the other security guards also jolted out of their confusion and came up to Fabian and Colton.

Colton immediately stepped backward to ward them off from Fabian, given that his most important mission now was to protect Fabian.

“All of you, stop!” Suddenly, someone screamed in a piercingly sharp voice.

“Why should we stop? These troublemakers injured two of our colleagues. Who are you to stop us?” The security guard who had a bleeding nose retorted disgruntledly.

“Boys, let’s beat them up and bring pride to our company!” He yelled again.

Upon saying it, he took the lead to rush toward them and threw a punch at Colton.


Once again, he was sent flying by Colton’s kick. Then, Colton lowered his leg smilingly and shook his head. “Youngsters nowadays are ridiculous.”

“Haha! You’re right.” Fabian burst into laughter and repeated it.

He deliberately wanted Xavier to hear it.

The one who asked the security to stop was Xavier’s assistant. At that moment, Xavier was standing right behind him.

“Welcome, Mr. Norton. I’m sorry for all the misunderstanding and trouble.”

Xavier chuckled and walked out from the crowd. Nevertheless, there was a hint of anger in his eyes. Although he was at fault to a certain extent, he came down as soon as he heard that Fabian had arrived. However, he couldn’t believe that Fabian instructed his subordinate to beat up two of his security guards.

“It’s okay. Mr. Jackson, you’re considered my junior since you came into this industry much later than I did. Besides, I would become a laughing stock if I’m offended by a youngin’ like you. Haha!”

Fabian was actually dissatisfied as well. I came here upon your invitation, yet your security guards dared to stop me. This was out of line!

“Though Mr. Jackson, I must compliment your security guards for being so devoted. They inspected guests carefully and even barred me from entering your building,” Fabian continued.

When Fabian finished, Xavier got increasingly pissed off. How could you have the cheek to criticize us even after you beat up my security guards?

Given that Xavier was at fault in the first place, he had no choice but to hold his tongue. Based on the unspoken rules of business, Xavier was supposed to welcome Fabian at the entrance because they were considered equals.

“Thank you for pointing that out, Mr. Norton. Anyway, how can we protect our company if the security isn’t strict enough?” Xavier replied.

“You’re right, but the security guards that you recruited don’t seem to be that suitable. Well, I can assign two of my subordinates to teach them. With them as security guards, I’m afraid… tsk-tsk, your company will be at risk,” Fabian continued teasingly.

Although Xavier was increasingly angrier, he still held in his emotion. After all, he would be jeered at for arguing with Fabian over such a trivial matter.

“Well, you can’t blame them entirely because your subordinate is far too strong. Nonetheless, I believe your security guards can hardly stop me too if my subordinates and I visit your company.”

Ultimately, Xavier had to smooth things over, or it would mean that he agreed that Jackson Group was not as good as Phoenix Group.

“Why don’t you give it a try, Mr. Jackson? You might be right,” Fabian replied with a smile.

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