Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1366

Yvette nodded sternly while listening to Lyna’s explanation. After pondering for a while, she gritted her teeth and said, “Okay, Lyna. I will give you three hundred million.”

If we succeed, I will be married into the Norton family. What I own by then will be far greater than three hundred million. We can’t make an omelette without breaking eggs, after all. If a genius like Lyna is willing to risk it, I might as well take a leap of faith. Ultimately, even if we fail, I will still have two hundred million left. That should be more than enough for a fresh start. If that happens, I will just disappear and spend my life peacefully somewhere.

“But when Fabian’s company collapses, how am I supposed to save him?” Yvette continued to ask, as her final purpose was to make Fabian divorce Hannah and marry herself.

Upon hearing this, Lyna’s expression became strange. Saving him? Why would she do so? If he survives we will surely be dead. After we defeat him, I will buy all his bankrupted companies one by one. By doing so, I will become one of the top riches in this country. Then I will never need to fear him.

But surely Lyna would not let Yvette find out her real intention. In order to secure the three hundred million from the latter, Lyna let out a sincere laugh in pretense.

“You should tell him that you have a solution for his crisis. But he has to divorce Hannah and marry you for you to help him. If he agrees, then I will ask George to return Fabian’s assets slowly.”

Yvette could not be more satisfied after hearing this answer. Oh, dear sweet Hannah, Fabian is going to be mine after all. You were never a match for me.

“Alright, and after I am married into the Norton family, I will get Fabian to collaborate with you. I believe by then Blackwood Group will have far greater prospects.” Yvette exclaimed triumphantly as if they had already won the battle.

Haha. Not only greater prospects, but Blackwood Group will also become invincible by then.

Just then, Lyna seemed to recall something. “Oh, by the way, Yvette, there is one more favor I need to ask of you.”

“Of course. Anything you need.”

Since Yvette was already determined to be involved in the plan, she would do anything to ensure its success.

“George will start tomorrow. I need you to ask your cousin to assign Hannah to go to Blackwood Group. The company will be launching a benefit, especially for senior employees. We will then arrange for her to conduct an interview. In the meantime, I will create some mess to distract Fabian while we make a move on Hannah.”

“Okay, no problem. Leave this to me.” Yvette agreed without hesitation, as it was something she could do easily.

Right after Yvette went out to make the transaction, a man entered Lyna’s room.

“Ms. Blackwood, I have done as you told. The Remdik firearm dealers have arrived at an inn at Baykeep.”

Upon receiving the news, Lyna’s smile grew wider. “Okay. Please make them feel welcomed. And tell them that we can talk about the deal by tomorrow. The price will be twenty percent more than the market price and tell them to wait at the inn. I will send someone to pick up the goods. And finally, for those who know about this, make sure that you…”

Lyna did not finish her sentence but gave a look to that man. Right away, the man understood what she meant.

“Yes, madam.” The man gave a brief response and left.

“Poor Hannah. I am afraid this time Fabian won’t be able to perform a miracle anymore no matter how capable he is.” Right after the man left the room, Lyna started laughing by herself. She found herself amused by Hannah’s stupidity.

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