Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1368

Right at that moment, Jason’s expression became extremely unyielding. Fabian had never seen Jason so serious before.

“What did you find out?” Fabian could not hold back his curiosity anymore.

“Lyna is plotting something against Hannah and Winson,” Jason said.

“What are you talking about?”

I find this somewhat hard to believe. How could Jason even discover something like this? Even if Lyna was the other accomplice, she is not dumb. Why would she risk going after Hannah again? She must know I am protecting Hannah really hard right now. She won’t even stand a chance.

“It’s true. Please let me finish.”

Jason straightened up and leaned towards Fabian, as he sensed the latter was still doubting him. “Fabian, ever since that accident, I have been suspecting Lyna. So I gathered a few friends, and we have been spying on Lyna. Up until this morning, one of our spies informed us that Lyna has prepared a contract recently. It consists of many pages of irrelevant content, but the last part is about a share transfer agreement.”

Fabian could not wrap his head around what Jason was saying. A contract? But what does this have to do with Hannah? Hannah does not own any shares of Blackwood Group. How exactly could this be harming her?

“Are you telling me that Lyna is going after Winson’s share, but it doesn’t concern Hannah at all?”

Jason spotted Fabian’s confused expression, so he continued to elaborate, “Yes, this contract has nothing to do with Hannah. But check this out. When they were printing out the contract, they printed out another document, which turned out to be a list of firearms deals.”

“Really?” Upon hearing this, Fabian’s heart skipped a beat.

Firearms deals? Is Lyna out of her mind? Why the f**k does she need to buy firearms? Is she going to kill Hannah?

If Lyna really bought heavy weapons such as missiles and opened fire at Hannah, all those bodyguards he had hired for Hannah would be useless.

But, will she really do so? Even possessing a handgun is a big crime in this country, let alone a missile. If she really were to commit such a crime, she would be the whole country’s enemy. Nevertheless, I should be cautious about this. If she really is that desperate, she will do almost anything to bring us down with her.

Fabian’s face paled in fright as he was thinking about how he could take further precautions towards Lyna.

Looking at Fabian’s frightened expression, Jason realized that he might have misunderstood. Thus, he quickly explained again, “Calm down, Fabian. I am not done talking. The list of firearms deals is not to kill Hannah. It’s to set her up. Do you understand what I am saying? They want to slander Hannah by saying that she was the one who bought those firearms.”

“Huh? Does she think she could slander anyone just like that?” Fabian’s fear subsided a little after he realized they were not after Hannah’s life.

What a joke. Does she think the cops in this country are all fools?

“Surely she has a plan. From what I heard, Blackwood Group will be launching a new policy tomorrow. It’s about the benefit for senior employees, which is said to be the first in this industry. Hannah is invited to conduct an interview. The procedure will require her to sign as a witness. If they can lay their hands on Hannah’s signature, then they can use it.”

At that instant, Fabian’s heart was filled with resentment towards Lyna. How dare you plan such a cunning move on Hannah! If Hannah signs those papers, then even I, the president of Phoenix Group, won’t be able to save her. It will be too late by then.

“Fabian, that’s all I wanted to say. I know you’re a busy person, so I will see myself out now. As for this matter, I will leave it to you.” Jason figured he should give Fabian some privacy to digest the information.

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