Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1376


Xavier was dumbstruck and blurted softly. He regained his footing quickly, though. That idiot tricked me, but what is up with Natasha, then?

Xavier felt awkward at that moment, so naturally, he wasn’t willing to voice up or ask his question.

Aside from feeling embarrassed, fury burned within his heart. How dare they trick me?

Hannah sensed how awkward Xavier felt, so she simply added, “Alright then, Mr. Jackson. If there’s nothing else you’d like to share, I’ll take my leave now.”

Xavier nodded before turning to Hannah and saying, “Sorry, I made a mistake.”

Hannah smiled and remained silent. She simply walked right out of Xavier’s office, got Natasha, then left Jackson Group.

The second they got out of Jackson Group’s entrance, Hannah tossed the document into a nearby bin.

Seeing that, Natasha couldn’t help asking, “Ms. Young, what are you…”

Hannah grinned without replying.

Xavier made a mistake, so naturally, the reason he called me over was wrong. Hence, everything he shared must be fake. Hannah had her suspicion during the interview because there was no way a technology that advanced would exist.

Meanwhile, Xavier slammed the contract that he was going to sign with Fabian’s company, Phoenix Group on his desk the second Hannah walked out of his office.

“That idiot is dead! How dare he play me for a fool? If that is how they want to play it, then I will not show them any mercy,” muttered Xavier.

After saying his piece, he picked up his phone and started attacking the man who made him look like a fool.

“How is it?”

Lyna was staring at George, who was typing rapidly away on the keyboard.

“Everything is fine. At this rate, I am confident that I will have five billion off of Fabian’s account in two days,” replied George as he grinned excitedly.

George was filled with nothing but disdain for his competitor at that moment. This is all it takes to be a genius in this country? My gosh, this is too easy. Darn it, I thought I finally found a worthy opponent, but he is just a dud.

“Alright, carry on.”

Lyna couldn’t help feeling delighted after hearing what George said. Looks like it’s time to carry out my own plan.

Lyna went back into her room and called Wayne to say, “Hey, we can start implementing our plan now. Spread the news and tell everyone to attack simultaneously at seven o’clock tonight. I want to give Fabian Norton a nice surprise.”

Lyna went to Blackwood Group after ending her conversation. She wasn’t just going after Fabian. She was also targeting Hannah, and she couldn’t help chuckling aloud when she thought about the terrible state they would end up in.

“Hello, what’s up?”

Hannah had accomplished her tasks of interviewing Xavier, and it was the weekends, so she had nothing else to do. She planned on putting everything home before going out and playing tennis with Natasha. It had been a while since she played, so she was looking forward to it a little. She didn’t expect to receive her senior editor’s call as soon as she got home.

“Do you know Ms. Lyna Winson of Blackwood Group?” asked her senior editor from the other end of the line.

“Yeah, I do. Why?”

Hannah replied without thinking too much. She had a good impression of Lyna because Lyna took care of her while she was hospitalized.

“Oh, she called me earlier and said that the company will be implementing a new scheme soon. She asked you to do an interview on the matter. At first, I didn’t want to bother you, but she said that you won’t mind, so I thought I’d give you a call.”

Hannah didn’t respond.

When she first saw that it was her senior editor that was calling her, a sense of doom washed over her. She was right. Unfortunately, Lyna was rather kind to her, and it wouldn’t be right to ignore Lyna’s request to do an interview.

Upon thinking that, Hannah felt so pressured that she could only agree. “Sure, I will call her later,” said Hannah.

“Alright, then drop by the office later to hand the document in. I will let you have a day off tomorrow,” replied the senior editor before hanging up.

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