Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1378

Winson couldn’t help being delighted when he saw his biological sister there. The Blackwoods were as distant toward him as they had always been. He no longer needed to worry about making ends meet, but he felt no love from the Blackwood family.

“Lyna called me over, Hannah.”

Lyna didn’t want rumors to spread within the family, so she was pretty nice to Winson. Winson was just a kid, so he couldn’t see through Lyna’s tricks. He genuinely thought that she was kind to him.

“Oh, here’s the thing. Winson is Dad’s only son, and he will be taking over Blackwood Group in the future, so now’s a good time for him to get to know the others in the office. That would prepare him for taking over in the future,” said Lyna after hearing the conversation between the two siblings.

Hearing that, Hannah nodded while her good impression of Lyna increased even more.

Winson is still just a kid, but Lyna is not overlooking him or anything. Instead, she is helping him out as much as she could. I’m glad. At least I don’t have to worry too much about Winson’s future now.

There were many instances where siblings turn on each other just to get their hands on a hefty inheritance. Lyna obviously would do no such thing.

“Alright, let’s begin,”

Smiling, Hannah took out her note and pen while Natasha prepared to get the camera rolling.

Lyna nodded and stood up to look at them before making her announcement.

No one knew how long it took, but Lyna eventually shared every detail of the new scheme, and Hannah thought that it was pretty good. The new scheme benefits senior employees a lot, and Blackwood Group is the first one to implement it. The news will spread like wildfire.

“And now, my brother and I will sign our names on the contract,” said Lyna before she signed her name.

“Here Winson, you’ll sign here,” instructed Lyna as she smiled at Winson.

Hannah was a little troubled at that moment. Shouldn’t the chairman or someone of a similar position be the ones who sign the contract? Why are Winson and Lyna signing it instead? Not to mention that Leo isn’t even here.

Maybe Leo wants to retire and is letting Winson take over…

“Hurry over, Hannah. You need to sign here as well.”

Lyna couldn’t help grinning evilly when she saw Winson signing his name there. It only lasted a moment, though. She later turned to Hannah and grinned.

“Huh? Am I supposed to sign on it as well?”

Hannah was a little surprised when she saw Lyna gesturing her over like that. However, she walked over, anyway.

“Of course, you’re the witness for the day, so you should sign your name there too,” informed Lyna while smiling.

Realization hit Hannah after hearing that. Oh, so that’s why I have to sign my name as well. This event is really formal.

Hannah got the pen from Lyna. She checked the contract and saw that everything was written in a foreign language. Hannah could read in that language a little, but it had been years since she graduated, so she had pretty much forgotten everything she learned. She shook her head before signing on the dotted line.

“Alright, everything is settled now. Hannah, you should take Winson home for now. I’ll go talk to the senior employees about this,” suggested Lyna. She was smiling so much that it was a miracle she didn’t tear a muscle in her lips.

Hannah assumed that Lyna was just happy because she got to help the senior employees, so the former didn’t think much of it. She agreed to do as Lyna said without saying another word.

“Sure, Lyna. I’ll take Winson to my place, then. Call me if you ever need anything else,” said Hannah.

She was all smiles when she left with Winson and Natasha.

“Hah, I doubt you will ever have anything else to say,” scoffed Lyna after Hannah left.

“Hand this document over to Mr. Hall immediately. He’ll know what to do with it,” instructed Lyna as she handed over the contract with Winson’s signature on it. The employee she handed the contract to had been working in the company for some years, so Lyna trusted him.

“Understood,” replied the employee before he accepted the contract and left.

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