Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1385

Nonetheless, the process of regaining the corporate funds that were lost was a great challenge. It was definitely not a simple problem that could be resolved by anyone. If anything happened while they were in the midst of retrieving the fund, nothing could be done to save them. Hence, it was considered as a close shave for Phoenix Group this round.

In the industry, it would be disastrous if the weakness of a certain corporate was accidentally exposed to a third party. The opponents would surely seize the opportunity to strike them with a great blow, and the moment their foundation was shaken by the unexpected outer force, the company would probably meet its end.

Fabian’s phone buzzed abruptly. It was a call from his trusted aide.

“Mr. Norton, we’ve just discovered that Lyna has a villa that was being used as her secret workplace. However, when we reached there, there was no sign of anyone. Moreover, we spotted various types of equipment there. She had apparently fled the villa in a haste,” his trusted aide updated him on their latest investigation in detail.

“Alright, I got it. Ask our men to continue with their investigation. We must track down the whereabouts of Yvette Tanner and Lyna Blackwood no matter what. We can’t let the two of them off easily!” Fabian instructed in a deep voice.

As long as the whereabouts of the two women were not traced, Hannah’s safety would be greatly threatened. Even though Hannah has Natasha protecting her. But I’m still worried that if anything happens… I won’t be able to save her on time.

Meanwhile, Lyna had gotten herself five helpers from the black market. They were all thugs who would do anything as long as they were well paid.

Scrutinizing them, she said sternly, “Just wait for my instruction. I’ll make the necessary arrangements for all of you by then.”

After that, she entered a private room in a small cafe that was located in the black market. Seated in the private section, she made a call to Felicia. Except for her mother, there was nobody she could trust at the moment.

“Hello?” Felicia answered her call in a while.

“Mom, It’s me, Lynnie.”

“Lynnie? Why did you change your phone number?”

Felicia was oblivious to Lyna’s current critical circumstance. Even though she happened to know that Lyna seemed to be working on something fishy in Blackwood Group, she thought that it was merely her usual tactic in order to expand her social circle for a career advancement. Therefore, she did not really bother about that.

“Mom, I’m running out of time so I can’t explain to you. You don’t have to ask me any questions too. I’m just going to send you a bank account number and I need you to transfer as much money as possible into this account. Remember to delete my message after jotting down the account number on a piece of paper. Alright, I have to hang up now.” Lyna hung up on her right away. After all, she knew that Fabian had started to be suspicious of her, so she had to stay alert.

Luckily, she had used Wayne’s family to threaten him to keep her name out if he was questioned by Fabian. In the event that Wayne was found out, he must lie that Yvette was the one manipulating everything.

Wayne agreed at once, as he was sure that Fabian would not be suspicious if he said that Yvette was the mastermind. After all, both Fabian and Yvette held grudges against each other.

Even so, Lyna was taking extra precautions to ensure her own safety. She knew that with the latest technology, Fabian could easily eavesdrop on her phone conversation if the call duration exceeded one minute. Therefore, she hung up her phone quickly as she gazed at her watch, ensuring that the call duration was less than one minute.

Narrowing her eyes, Lyna smiled slyly as a perfect plan to abduct Hannah came across her mind.

Before long, Felicia had transferred ten million into Lyna’s bank account as requested.

Upon receiving the money, Lyna contacted the boss of the black market immediately, “I have another business opportunity for you.”

The man’s eyes lit up at her words. Nothing was unachievable for the people of the black market, as long as they were paid with the agreed sum.

“I need you to look for a woman with a figure resembling mine so that she can be my substitute. At the same time, I need your help to get me a trustworthy person to deliver something for me.”

At the moment, there was no one by Lyna’s side who could carry out her tasks. All of her so-called trusted aides had fled away. Not only do they risk not getting paid, but they were also fearful of losing their lives if they continued to obey her.

“Sure, sounds easy enough.”

Squinting his eyes, the man grinned at the thought of the gainable profit from Lyna. Based on his judgment, Lyna was undoubtedly an heiress from one of the prominent families who were on the run. It seemed that she had nobody to turn to at the moment and had no choice but to seek help from him.

“I also need you to help me look for another person.” Lyna paused and continued, “The person must be really good at imitating others’ handwriting.”

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