Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1387

Lyna briefed the man about her plan.

“What do I need to deliver?” the man asked timidly.

He was worried that the thing Lyna asked him to deliver would spell trouble for him.

“You don’t have to know about what I want you to deliver. I will pass it to you when the time comes,” Lyna replied with knitted brows.

Is this really the best person the black market could offer? I mean, look at him, asking all those unnecessary questions! That being said, she knew full well that she should not be fussy at this critical moment. Suppressing her frustration, she told the man, “Don’t worry. If you sense anything amiss later, just head for the washroom directly. I will assign someone to get you out from there. I won’t let you get arrested. After all, I would also be in trouble if you end up getting detained and leak my name.”

Lyna purposely said so to calm him down so that he would be willing to carry out his task without any doubt.

“Alright. I’ve given you two your assignments. Now, go wait outside for a while. I’ll let you know about the exact time for action later.”

Lyna told the two men as she glanced at the woman who was supposed to be her substitute.

Both of the men nodded and stepped out.

“Take off your clothes,” Lyna instructed her the moment the two men stepped out.

The substitute asked in bewilderment, “Huh?”

“Didn’t you hear me? Just take off your clothes. Now!” Lyna raised her voice, feeling a bit pissed off by her dumbness.

“I-I don’t think this is appropriate,” the woman stuttered as she glanced at Lyna, intimidated by her tone.

Meanwhile, Lyna had started taking off her clothes. Seeing this, the woman’s eyes widened in disbelief. What is she trying to do by asking me to take off my clothes? And why is she taking off hers? Is she trying to… How disgusting!

Sensing how the woman was looking at her weirdly, Lyna rolled her eyes as she realized at once that the woman must have misunderstood her. However, she couldn’t be bothered to explain everything to her. Glaring at the woman, she snapped impatiently, “Stop wasting my time and just take off your clothes!”

Soon, Lyna switched clothes with the woman. She even took off her earrings and necklace before asking the woman to put them on.

“Now, I need you to pay attention. I’m going to brief you on your task.”

With a stern look, Lyna told the woman, “I want you to go to Phoenix Group with a group of journalists and interview Fabian Norton. At the moment, the stock market of Phoenix Group is not stable, so the journalists will be more than willing to interview him. I’ve prepared a list of questions to be asked. All you need to do is take the lead and ask the questions based on the list. Remember to wear sunglasses, a mask, and a cap all the time so that he can’t see your face. Leave immediately after you have asked those questions, and don’t bother about anything else. Do you get me?”

The woman nodded and asked worriedly, “What if he senses something amiss and becomes suspicious of me?”

“Then, just run as fast as you can. Don’t worry, I will assign someone to pick you up.”

Massaging his temples, Fabian took a deep breath.

He wondered how things were going on with Hannah at the moment. Earlier on, he had assigned Jason to keep her company. I hope that fellow knows well what he’s supposed to do. If he messes things up, I’ll definitely teach him a lesson!

“Where are you now?” he asked after giving Hannah a call.

“I’m having a meal with Jason outside. Have you settled your stuff?”

Fabian was relieved when Hannah sounded as usual. He replied jokingly, “Yeah, I’m free now. Why didn’t you call me to join in on your meal?”

“Well, we’re at the pizza joint located at XX Road. Do you want to join us?”

Hannah glanced at her watch instinctively. It’s not even four in the afternoon. Usually, he would still be occupied with work. I’m surprised that he’s already free at this hour today!

“Hang on, I’m coming!”

After hanging up the phone, he took his jacket and strode out. Since the investigation had some progress, he couldn’t wait to be by Hannah’s side.

For some reason, he was feeling uneasy recently. His gut was telling him that something bad was going to happen and would put Hannah at risk.

Since he had already assigned Natasha to protect Hannah, he knew that Hannah would definitely sense something awry if he assigned another person to be by her side. If that happens, she will end up being troubled as well, and that was precisely what he was trying to avoid.

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