Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1392

Deep in Hannah’s heart, Natasha was like her sister. As such, she couldn’t believe her ears when Jason proposed to let Natasha replace her.

“Wouldn’t it haunt your conscience?”

“Hannah!” Natasha came over and grabbed Hannah’s hand. “Don’t worry. I’m just going to put on some make-up and take a look in the hotel. It’ll be alright. I’m willing to go on behalf of you.”

As a bodyguard, Natasha was used to doing something like this. Nonetheless, Hannah wasn’t aware of her true identity and thought she was an ordinary girl.

How can they let a defenseless girl take such a risk? They are firearms dealers with guns who will pull the trigger once they can’t reach an agreement!

“No way!”

“I’ve made up my mind. Hannah, you can only stay with me today. Jason, bring Natasha out and get prepared,” Fabian decided coldly.

He believed that Natasha was the best candidate for the mission. Besides, her presence could prove to both the police and the netizens that Hannah wasn’t involved in any firearms deal. Instead, they would realize that some malicious people had set all this up to frame Hannah.


Hannah’s jaw nearly dropped when he insisted on putting Natasha in danger. Was he being nice to Natasha only to utilize her later?

Jason then brought Natasha out. Before he closed the door, he stole a glance at Hannah, worrying that she would quarrel with Fabian.

“Hannah, don’t worry. Natasha wouldn’t be in danger.”

He didn’t intend to tell Hannah that Natasha was a bodyguard yet because he felt that she would be better protected if she was oblivious to Natasha’s identity.

“How could you be so heartless?”

Hannah couldn’t change Fabian’s mind, but deep in her heart, she knew that he did it for her sake. Hence, even though she was pissed off, she could hardly vent her anger on him. After yelling at him, she sat on the chair and glared at him without uttering another word.

Fabian received his assistant’s call once he exited the police station.

“Mr. Norton, a lot of reporters came to our office, requesting for an answer as to why the stock price of our company is fluctuating…”

Fabian got impatient even before his assistant could finish. Do I have to show up to deal with such a trivial matter? What’s the use of having you as my assistant?

“I’ll give you fifteen minutes to solve this issue.”

Since Fabian was already in a bad mood, he couldn’t help but fly into a rage once his assistant reported the seemingly trivial matter to him.

“Mr. Norton, this is not the main point. Most importantly, Lyna seems to be hiding among the journalists here. If you don’t show up, I’m afraid she’ll run away,” knowing that Fabian was irritated, his assistant quickly added.

“What? Lyna is there? Alright, I’ll be there right away,” Fabian said in a deep voice.

“Assign some men to bring Mrs. Norton back to the villa. I’m sure you’re aware of the consequences if something bad happens to her,” Fabia instructed his subordinates.

Initially, he planned to stay with Hannah to protect her. But now that Lyna, the mastermind who framed Hannah, finally showed up, he couldn’t let her escape.

When Fabian arrived at the office, the surveillance camera showed that a woman who looked like Lyna was sneaking around.

He chuckled all of a sudden. Initially, he did not know how to retaliate without any information on his enemy’s whereabouts. But now that she came to him, there was no way he would show her any mercy.

Lyna, do you wish to possess Phoenix Group so badly? Dream on!

Meanwhile, when Fabian’s assistant gazed at him, a shiver ran down his spine. He hadn’t felt such a strong aura exuding from Fabian in quite a long time. Hence, he stopped worrying about Fabian but began to pity Lyna instead.

Fabian would never let anyone take advantage of him. If someone did that to him, they would suffer unimaginable consequences.

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