Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1394

“He fell asleep in the car while he was on a trip with his friends. We brought him to the nearest hospital so that he could get treatment as soon as possible. We’re at Lincoln Hospital now. I’ll send you the location later.”

“Alright. Don’t panic. I’ll go there right away.” Hannah hung up the phone after she finished.

Seeing Hannah’s anxious expression, the bodyguard couldn’t help but ask, “What’s wrong?”

“My brother got into a car accident. I’ve to go to the hospital now,” Hannah replied.

“But… Mr. Norton doesn’t allow us to leave the villa.”

The bodyguard deliberated for a while and advised Hannah against it. After all, Fabian reminded her that someone was probably lurking in the shadows to harm Hannah in these turbulent times.

“I don’t care. My brother is in danger now. He’s my biological brother and my closest family member,” Tears began to well in her eyes when she said that.

Winson and Leo were the only people who were related to her by blood. Nonetheless, because Hannah didn’t recognize Leo as her father anymore, Winson became the only family she had.

All of the bodyguards in her villa were in a dilemma. Since Winson was Hannah’s brother, she had every reason to visit him. However, Fabian also specifically instructed them to keep Hannah in her room.

“Did you guys hear what I said? I’m leaving now. Do you want to stop me?” Hannah asked while staring at the two bodyguards at the door.

One of them took a deep breath and replied, “I’m sorry, Mrs. Norton. But Mr. Norton said that you are not allowed to go anywhere before he returns. Therefore, please go back to your room.”

Hannah was a little furious upon hearing that. Hmph! Of course you can stay aloof. After all, it’s none of your concern. But if your family gets into an accident, will you still be able to stay calm?

She gave them a ferocious stare and left.

Unexpectedly, she went straight into the kitchen to grab a knife. Then, she rushed to the door and yelled, “Will you still try to stop me now?”

Unperturbed, the two bodyguards tried to persuade her, “Ms. Young, we can talk about it. Please put down the knife.”

Meanwhile, the bodyguard from Remdik was shocked. She knew that she would not be able to stop Hannah if the latter wanted to hurt herself.

“I’m leaving. Make way.”

Hannah put the knife near her wrist to threaten the bodyguards.

“Mrs. Norton, please don’t do that. Let us call Mr. Norton first, and…”

“Why should you call him? Why can’t I visit my brother when he’s in trouble? Who’s going to be responsible for it if he loses too much blood and ends up in a precarious situation?” Hannah screamed at them.

Given that Winson had a rare blood type, his situation would be dire if he lost too much blood and couldn’t receive a blood transfusion in time.

“I’m going to say this one last time. I’m leaving. Get out of my way!” An icy glint flashed across her eyes when she said to them.

The two bodyguards were in a tight spot. Since Fabian specifically gave them the order, they couldn’t bear the responsibility of letting Hannah leave.

Hence, they didn’t utter a word but remained standing in front of the door to stop her from leaving. Left with no choice, she made up her mind to cut her wrist slightly. The next moment, her wrist began bleeding.

The female bodyguard from Remdik immediately yelled at them, “Make way! Do you want Mrs. Norton to cut her wrist?”

Upon hearing that, they immediately retreated to the side. After all, they would be in serious trouble if Hannah was hurt.

“I’ll go with you,” the female bodyguard said to Hannah.

Hannah didn’t reply but nodded in response. With that, both of them walked out the door.

The female bodyguard claimed that she was Natasha’s sister. However, the truth was that Fabian assigned her to protect Hannah.

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