Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1412

Burning with rage, Fabian could barely suppress his urge to take his wrath out on the vicious duo to avenge his loved ones.

Glaring at his trusted aide with his pair of bloodshot eyes, he yelled, “Take them into custody at once! I want to skin them alive and get them to beg for mercy for the things they have done!”

His trusted aide felt a chill running down his spine. Looks like Mr. Norton is truly enraged this time.

Previously, Fabian would take his foes out through legal means. He would collect the evidence of their wrongdoings and hand them over to the police. Never had he resorted to such brutal ways to punish his enemies.

After much consideration, his trusted aide replied, “Yes!”

When his trusted aide was about to carry out his instructions, Fabian yelled, “Wait!”

His trusted aide quickly turned to him.

“Gather everyone around and put the mission on hold for the time being! I’ll let Yvette and Lyna off the hook for now!”

Fabian narrowed his eyes into a line, and there was a hint of malice in that smirk of his.

Since they had turned his life upside down and sow discord between Hannah and him, he would never let them off the hook. He called off the operation merely because he had better ideas to torture them for the things they did.

Hannah took a seat on the chair and started panting heavily after tidying up the place. Her late mother’s photo was on top of the table in the living room.


Staring at her late mother’s photo, she announced, “I’m home, Mom… I should have long made my way back to keep you company! If only I had been more decisive and severed ties with him, I wouldn’t end up this miserable.”

As she thought about the turn of events, she couldn’t help letting out a sigh. After they were married, she was the only one in Fabian’s mind. They shared a mutual affection for one another, yet things spiraled out of control when the best was about to come.

“Mom, have I made the right decision? Will Fabian be heartbroken like me? Is he going to fall into a cycle of despair again?”

Overwhelmed by the tidal waves of emotions, Hannah felt as though there was a weight on her chest suffocating her.

“Since he made it through the last challenge, he’s going to be fine, right? After all, I was the one who helped him to move on from his past relationship. I’m sure he’s going to encounter another woman in his life who will help him to move on from our relationship.”

Halfway through her speech, Hannah chuckled and asked, “Mom, that woman would be so lucky to have Fabian to herself! I wonder if Lyna is going to show up and ruin their relationship again.”

As she thought about it, she burst into laughter.

“Hahaha! Lyna, I can’t believe you’re the mastermind behind our misfortunes all this time! Initially, I had my doubts about Winson’s words and thought he was just picking on you because of his own grudges! It must have been tough for you to put on the facade for so long, huh?”

Hannah had always considered Lyna as her sister. But to her surprise, Lyna had merely been acting in front of Hannah in order to scheme against her.

She found Lyna’s semblance and her foolishness laughable. Because of her own naiveness, she gave others the chance to set her up. If she had figured out Lyna’s actual goals earlier, she wouldn’t have miscarried and then left Fabian.

Chuckling, Hannah remarked sarcastically, “Is this all part of my destiny?”

I guess Lyna was just one of the many obstacles God had imposed on our relationship to break us apart! It would have turned out the same way even without Lyna’s interference!

As she consoled herself, she started feeling better.

“Miss, the ones who were sent to keep an eye on Ms. Blackwood have been dismissed. What should we do next?” a man in black reported the situation to Lyna.


The confused Lyna had a hard time comprehending the rationale behind Fabian’s action. Why did he send them away? Does that mean he is going to take Yvette out soon?

Wait! If that’s the case, shouldn’t he send more men over instead of dismissing them? What if Yvette runs away?

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