Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1422

Fabian had sent someone to protect Hannah. Do you think you could find someone more skilled than the one he has hired?

“I won’t try to stop you if you have a death wish.”

Lyna did not mince her words. If she had no further use for Yvette, she would not have bothered with her at all.

“Then, what should we do?”

The ticking off had its desired effect, as Yvette had realized how unrealistic this was.

“What shall we do? We wait for Fabian to make his move.”

Lyna exhaled as she was increasingly less assured of herself.

She had been at the losing end every time she crossed swords with Fabian thus far. There was no way that man would let her off this time after she had caused Hannah to miscarry, so she was even more anxious than Yvette was.

“What if Fabian doesn’t?”

Yvette had a strong feeling that after this round, she might have lost Fabian for good.

“Impossible. I would bet everything that he would. He didn’t before because he was grieving after losing Hannah. Now that she’s back, we can expect him to take action. Any father who lost his child would tread on the path of vengeance. How could any less be expected of Fabian Norton?”

Lyna was confident of her own analysis. She was in no doubt that Fabian would move against them, so their anticipation of his timing would be crucial.

“Okay. I’ll go tighten the security around us.”

Yvette appeared thoughtful as she nodded. She went along as she saw the logic behind Lyna’s words.

She was genuinely terrified of death. As much as she desired to marry into the Norton family and gain unprecedented power and prestige, there would be no point to it if she could not live to enjoy them.

Lyna almost suffered a stroke just listening to Yvette, and was barely able to resist giving two tight slaps to this dumb teammate of hers.

She spoke while she suppressed the anger burning inside, “I think you’d be better off getting more people to document the evidence of his crimes. We’ll need just a couple of skilled men for our own protection.”

Yvette acknowledged her before she headed out of the house. “Hmph. You can die for all I care but don’t drag me into the grave with you. Do you really think a couple of men would be enough? Are you shitting me? Do you think Fabian’s playing house with us?”

Yvette’s dissatisfaction with Lyna was festering inside. Do you think I enjoy putting up with you? I would’ve exposed you long ago if I didn’t need to depend on your schemes.

Hmph! When Fabian and I are married, the first thing I’d do is trip you over and have you spending the rest of your life behind bars. I won’t be giving you any chances to ruin me because you already know too much.

By this time, Natasha had arrived. She made a beeline for Hannah’s office and knocked upon the door.

“Please come in.”

Hannah was going through some files at her desk. Even though her team did much to help cover for her in her absence, the workload she had to handle upon her return was still considerable. She saw it as her responsibility to ensure that these were properly seen to.

“Hey, Hannah.”

Natasha hailed loudly at the woman who was busy editing the documents on hand.

Hannah’s head jolted up. “Natasha!”

She was subsequently on her feet and headed for Natasha with arms extended.

“Are you okay?” Natasha asked as she held Hannah’s hands.

“Of course I am. Can’t you see that I’m looking much better?”

Hannah was touched by Natasha’s concern and twirled around just to prove her own point.

“Yeah, that’s good to know. I was so worried when you disappeared on me.”

“Hehe. Alright, aren’t I back already?”

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