Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1430

Heather passed off her response as a joke, but those were exactly what she was thinking. She understood that Fabian had barely gotten over Hannah, and that it was impossible to ask him to find someone to marry and have children so soon. Hence, Heather was prepared to face her son’s rebuttal.

“Mom, let’s talk about that some other time. I came home today because I have something else to discuss with you,” Fabian told her in a calm and collected manner.

It was not that Fabian did not take the matter to heart. On the contrary, he was aware that if he came off too strongly, his mother would definitely not agree to Hannah’s return. Hence, Fabian softened his approach, and opted to discuss with Heather in a much gentler manner.

“Oh, what is it? I knew you’d have something to tell me. Otherwise, for a man of your position to come home, it’d take a miracle,” Heather grumbled.

Apparently, she had more than a few complaints against Fabian and his knack for not coming home for long periods of time.

“Mom, before I tell you, you have to promise not to get mad,” Fabian assured his mother cautiously.

“Oh, dear. Fabian, stop beating about the bush, out with it already! As your mother, whatever it is, I’ll support you all the way.”

Heather thought that as long as her son admitted his mistakes and agreed to turn his life around, all was well.

Moreover, Heather had seen Fabian lose control of his emotions because of what happened with Vivian. For a long time after that, he had not been himself. As his mother, seeing her son in such a sorry state distressed her just as much.

“Okay then. Here goes nothing.”

Fabian smiled at the notion of finally being able to broach the subject. He said, “Mom, to tell you the truth, the reason I can get over my despair so quickly is, first and foremost, because of one particular individual.”

Fabian’s face turned grim, his expression a stern one.

“Who’s that? Is it someone I know?” Heather asked repeatedly.

She might not be one to nag and pester, but she wondered if the person whom Fabian spoke of was related to what had just come to pass. Possibly not. Who is it, Fabian? Who’s this person who’s so capable of enlightening you? Heather was curious to know.

“It’s Hannah.”

Fabian bit at each syllable.

Heather could not help but sigh when she heard that name. What do you mean by that? Hasn’t Hannah left? Unless… she’s back?

Heather had not known that Hannah had returned. She juggled the various possibilities that her mind could conjure.

“In all seriousness, there’s someone else I have to thank. I wouldn’t be able to locate Hannah without his help. I’m talking about Jason, the son of the Goldstein family. Our families are very close. You know that, Mom. Anyway, Jason’s the one who figured out where Hannah might be, and I wouldn’t be able to find her if not for him.”

Fabian ignored his mother’s surprise as he went on.

Fabian had to admit that after everything that happened, he had a renewed respect for Jason. Even the young fellow knew of perseverance of a virtue, yet the president of the largest company in Chanaea gave in too quick.

He felt bad just thinking about it. It was under Jason’s great influence that Fabian made up his mind to pursue Hannah again, and to tell his mother everything as calmly as he could.

As Fabian spoke, the surprise in Heather grew. Jason? Hendrick’s godson?

Heather wondered how the man had gotten involved in all this, but of course that was not the focus of the issue at hand.

What she worried about was that Hannah’s return this time round would spur Fabian to win her back. If for whatever reason Hannah had a change of heart, Heather could not promise Fabian would cope well.

She knew her son best. If his temper were to rise, even the strength of ten oxen would not be enough to drown his misery.

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