Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1433

“If Hannah and I… are the reason for the Norton family’s extinction, then… I’m sorry I’m not the filial son you wanted.”

Fabian would not weaken in his resolve. Regardless of Hannah’s ability to bear children, he would bring her home as promised. After all, Hannah was the woman he loved.

When Hannah left, Fabian was forced to admit how much she mattered to him.

Fabian’s decision must have triggered his mother, for the older woman got angry in a flash. She barely managed to draw a long, spiritless breath while repressing most of her other emotions.

Heather lifted her hand high as she got ready to give her rebellious son a good slap, hoping it would serve as a wake-up call. How can you say such a thing? You’re the president of a large company, for heaven’s sake!

“I’m sorry, Mom. I don’t wish to escape my responsibilities this time. Take care of yourself.”

Fabian slowly lowered his head. Who would ever have thought that he, the company president with so much at his command, would be kneeling on the ground in such a miserable state?

Fabian sneered under his breath. So what if I’m the president? So what if I’m well-respected? All that was undoubtedly insignificant when it came to love. Fabian was determined to endure his mother’s slap and put everything to an end. He needed to woo the love of his life once again, who was almost falling out of reach. He needed to bring Hannah back to the Norton Residence.

Fabian kept those in his thoughts as he quietly waited for the inevitable. But in the end, Heather could not bear to do it. Instead, she sighed, “Ah, geez! There’s nothing I can do now that my child’s all grown up. You’ll have to deal with this yourself. Don’t forget, I’m getting old. I want to spend my days sipping tea and taking care of my health. I don’t want to be bothered by unnecessary stuff.”

And so, Heather rose from her spot, stood up, walked past her son, and headed towards her room.

Fabian watched his mother leave. It was a bittersweet ending; this was his mother’s way of telling him that she approved of Hannah’s return. She just did not want to say it.

“Mom, I’ll let you know that this is the right decision. Hannah’s not an ordinary girl.”

Fabian rose too. He collapsed onto the sofa and sank into deep thought. Only he knew what was on his mind and how he came to a conclusion.

On the other side of town, Hannah was having the time of her life enjoying pizza. Despite her current marital status being kept a secret, she was still able to savor the food with much relish, much less doing it in front of Xavier with whom she had no relation at all.

Natasha, seemingly influenced by Hannah, cared little for maintaining a ladylike image. She rolled up her sleeves and dug into her pizza party.

In contrast, Xavier’s behavior was a lot more civilized. He dined like a gentleman. However, compared with Hannah and Natasha, he seemed rather out of place.

The meal ended quickly. After Hannah managed to grab the last slice of pizza and devour it, complete with a satisfying burp, she turned to Natasha, seeking her opinion. “So, what do you think? My recommendation has its merits, right? Do you like it?”

To be frank, the meal was scrumptious. But for a professional assassin like Natasha who was used to undergoing highly intensive training on an everyday basis, the portion of food she had just consumed was undoubtedly not enough for her.

If she were only hanging out with Hannah, she might have told the woman what she truly felt. But Xavier was present, so she had to act accordingly.

Natasha knew that Xavier was Fabian’s rival and, up till then, the man was still relentlessly pursuing Hannah.

Furthermore, based on her observation of Hannah’s attitude towards Xavier, Natasha could tell that Hannah did not like him at all. Hence, she decided to tell a little white lie to get Xavier off their case.

“Yes, indeed. I have to say, you have good taste, Hannah. This place is great. The shop’s not very big, but the food speaks for itself,” Natasha replied Hannah with a smile.

Her eyes fluttered to meet Xavier’s gaze, and she added, “Hannah, I think it’s about time we get going. Can we drop by the company? It just so happens that I have not reported to work yet.”

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