Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1455

“Mr. Jackson, I’ve just received word that the men we assigned to spy on Lyna have been discovered and beaten…” the assistant said hesitantly after a brief pause.

As expected, Xavier was furious and glared at his assistant as he shouted, “What? Who did this? How dare they lay a finger on my men!”

The Jackson family was one of the five prominent families, so it was perfectly understandable for him to get mad at being disrespected like that.

“From what I’ve heard, it was Fabian’s men who did it,” his assistant said cautiously, fearing that Xavier would take his anger out on him.

“Fabian? Damn it, why is he always ruining things for me… When I get my hands on him, I’m going to…”

Xavier was so angry that he almost unleashed a string of vulgar curses, but held himself back when he remembered how his bad temper had always led to Fabian gaining the upper hand in almost all their previous confrontations.

“Heh… I know you’re doing this for fear of me stealing Hannah from you… Weren’t you really confident about it before? What, are you scared now? Fine, you want to go there? Two can play that game, so don’t blame me for what I’m about to do!” Xavier muttered to himself with a smile after thinking it through.

He then turned towards his assistant and said, “Have a team of our elites spy on Lyna. If Fabian’s men dare make another move, we’ll just fight back!”

The assistant frowned for a moment before he replied, “Yes, Mr. Jackson.”

“All right, you can go now. Keep me updated on this.”

Xavier was a little anxious about getting a lead on the death of Hannah’s mom as he believed she would be grateful to him for it and end up falling for him if they spent enough time together.

Meanwhile, Hannah was sitting by herself in the bedroom with a sad look in her eyes.

I may have found some documentation on Felicia’s involvement in my mom’s death, but that’s far from enough for me to pin anything on her. I’ll need witnesses and physical evidence, or I won’t even be able to get her under police custody for a few days…

Natasha came in shortly after and comforted her when she saw how depressed she looked. The two of them then watched some television before heading off to bed.

Fabian didn’t get any rest, though. Even after arriving at the house of the woman who used to serve the Blackwood family, he spent all night using a “carrot and stick” approach just to make her submit.

The next day, both Hannah and Natasha got up very early to prepare for Xavier’s interview despite how reluctant she was about doing it.

With a smile on her face, Natasha waited till Hannah had walked off to contact her supervisor before pulling out her phone to make a call, “About the interview that Hannah will be conducting with Jackson Group today… Oh, all right, I understand.”

After getting off the phone, Natasha nearly jumped in shock when she turned around and saw that Hannah had returned from her call. Holy sh*t! Thank goodness she didn’t hear anything…

“When will we be heading out, Hannah?” she asked with a smile as she grabbed her handbag and walked towards her.

“The office has sent a car over, so I think we should go now. Sorry to keep you waiting, I was fixing my makeup.”

“Oh, no worries!”

Natasha then took her hand and left the house with her.

Thinking that Hannah was arriving soon, Xavier had his assistant wait for her downstairs while he checked his appearance to make sure he looked sharper than usual.

“Welcome, Ms. Young. Mr. Jackson has been expecting your arrival. Please follow me,” the assistant said politely as he greeted Hannah at the entrance.

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