Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1459

A niggle of worry plagued Natasha, for there were four skilled fighters and a few strapping men with Lyna besides the three men keeping watch here. If I’m alone, I can naturally escape without any problem, but what about Hannah? My main task is to protect her.

Taking Hannah’s hand, she carefully walked out. To their surprise, they didn’t encounter a single soul throughout their trek out.

As Hannah worriedly pondered on that, she suddenly caught sight of a huge group of people in front of her that had appeared out of nowhere. Staring ahead, it was a vast sea of black.

“Quick, run!”

Grabbing Natasha’s hand, Hannah made to whirl around, but Natasha stilled her.

Natasha had swiftly discerned that they were Fabian’s men, while Lyna’s men were all kneeling in front of Fabian.

“Understood, Mr. Norton.”

As Natasha said that, she started toward Fabian and the others without giving Hannah any chance to protest.

“Are you okay?” Fabian asked anxiously when he saw Hannah.

Then, he grabbed her, looking her up and down to check whether she sustained any injuries.

Pushing his hand away in slight embarrassment, Hannah murmured softly, “Thank you, Fabian… I mean, Mr. Norton.”

However, Fabian didn’t loosen his hold on her this time. Instead, he took a step forward and pulled her into his arms. No matter how much she struggled, he showed no signs of letting her go.

“Please come back to me. Hannah, I really can’t live without you!” he declared passionately as he stared into her eyes while cradling her head with both hands.

In truth, Hannah really wanted to say “okay” right then and there.

But can I do that? I’ll only bring him greater trouble if I go back!

Nonetheless, Fabian didn’t give her an opportunity to answer. He instantly dragged her into the car and drove back to their villa.

Subsequently, he took out everything that he had prepared beforehand and said to Hannah, “I’ve already convinced my mother, so she won’t mind your inability to have children anymore. This is a gift I prepared for you.”

As he said that, he slowly backed away, revealing the wooden box on the table behind him.

Without saying anything, Hannah dragged her feet over to the wooden box. After staring at it for a long while, she lit a candle and read the letter.

After an eternity had passed, she started sobbing. Fabian didn’t say anything either, merely gazing at her with love shining in his eyes.

A while later, Hannah got up and walked over to him. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she started kissing him slowly.

Thank God she has finally accepted me!

At once, Fabian breathed a sigh of relief. Phew! Thank heavens she has finally returned to me!

Needless to say, the two of them naturally made love for the entire night.

Early the next morning, a ray of sunlight shone into the room. Fabian groggily blinked his eyes open even as he stretched his hand to the side, only to find no one beside him.

At that, he heaved a sigh. He knew that Hannah was still bothered about her inability to have a child, but he also believed that it was only a matter of time before she returned to his side after the incident this time.

In the course of the next few days, he settled the matter of Hannah’s biological mother. Lyna and Felicia were both brought to justice and sentenced to life imprisonment.

As for Yvette, she was also sentenced to three years in prison. Fabian showed her mercy considering the fact that she told him the truth.

Of course, he also pursued Hannah relentlessly. A few days later, he proposed to her in a grand affair and asked her to marry him again.

Hannah tearfully agreed, but she then fainted out of the blue, only to be found pregnant…

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