Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1470

Larry’s mind warned him against looking for Joan again. She hurt me and heartlessly abandoned me. I have no reason whatsoever to go to her.

Anyone who had been hurt would not do the same thing that hurt them in the first place.

However, his heart kept yearning for her. It told him that he loved her so, so much. It didn’t matter what Joan did to him in the past. He was convinced that she didn’t have a choice.

Larry had been troubled by that issue for days, but he decided to follow his heart after debating endlessly with himself.

Since I’m still in love with her, I should just go all out.

With that thought in mind, Larry drove his car and hurried over to the office where Joan worked. She should be clocking off any minute now. Larry wanted to treat her to a meal and take the opportunity to talk to her. Maybe we can clear out all the misunderstandings or something.

Larry lit up a cigarette as he waited in his car. He was bored because Joan hadn’t shown up yet.

When he finally saw Joan’s figure, energy surged through his body, and he jumped a little. He extinguished the cigarette and was ready to head over right away.

However, before he could, he paused. Wait, Joan’s not alone. She’s walking with another man!

“Dustin, what cuisine would you like to have?” asked Joan as she swiped on her phone.

“You decide. I’m good with anything,” replied Dustin with a grin.

“It’s not safe to walk while checking your phone. Let me guide you,” offered Dustin.

After saying that, he held Joan’s arm to guide her. Joan wasn’t bothered by his gesture. She even smiled sweetly at him.

The two of them chatted happily as they walked down the street. Larry, on the other hand, was burning with fury as he sat in his car.

The way Joan interacts with that man makes them seem like a couple!

Larry almost lost control of himself upon coming to that conclusion. He was so angry that it felt like his rage would soon burn away all of his sanity.

He didn’t spare any time to consider the situation. Stepping on the gas, Larry zipped his car toward the two adults immediately after.

Joan and Dustin were discussing where they might eat when they heard a noise behind them and instinctively turned around only to see a car speeding toward them.

“Dustin, watch out!”

Joan shrieked to warn Dustin.

The Lamborghini was practically touching Dustin’s body when it screeched to a halt.

Larry hopped out of the car and walked to Joan. He interrogated angrily, “Joan Watts, who is this? Why are you hanging out with him?”

Joan slowly recovered from the shock. When she saw that the driver was Larry, she huffed in an annoyed tone, “Larry, what kind of a driver are you? You almost hit my friend!”

“Friend? He’s not your boyfriend, is he?” growled Larry icily.

“What does that have anything to do with you?” refuted Joan loudly, “Mr. Norton, our business deal has concluded, and that last bit of connection between us has been severed. What right do you have to butt into my private life?”

“Who is he?” demanded Larry once more.

He ignored Joan’s words and insisted on getting an answer out of her.

“You don’t get to care. So what if he is my boyfriend?” challenged Joan.

She was losing her temper as well, and she refused to back down.

Just then, Dustin wrapped his arm around Joan’s waist gently and glared tauntingly at Larry. It was as if the former was declaring his territory.

“Please stop bothering Joan. She is not interested in you, and bothering her won’t help your cause whatsoever!”

Larry saw how Dustin was holding Joan, and how she didn’t seem to mind at all. That got Larry to give up interrogating her about the matter.

She has someone else with her now, and it no longer matters to her if I am here for her or not.

“Oh, so that’s how it is… right, Joan? This is your boyfriend. You left me all those years ago because you fell for someone else too! Am I right?” demanded Larry. His eyes were burning with immense fury when he growled, “And to think that I assumed your hands were tied when you left. You truly disappointed me!”

Larry tried his best to control himself, but he still couldn’t calm down.

After howling and spewing insults, Larry got into his car and left, looking like a lone wolf with a broken heart.

Joan’s heart felt like it was being shredded. She had repeatedly hurt him, so it no longer mattered if her hands were tied. I am not worthy of his love.

“Joan, are you alright?” asked Dustin in a concerned tone. “I held you because the circumstances forced me to do so. You’re not mad about it, are you?”

Joan quickly wiped her tears away before she grinned and replied, “No, I’m not mad. Thank you, Dustin.”

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