Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1471

“I’m glad to hear that. Let’s go have dinner together now.”

“I’m sorry, Dustin. But I don’t think I can go have a meal with you tonight. I’ll make up for it some other day,” promised Joan.

She sounded apologetic and hurt. At that moment, all she wanted to do was to go home and have a good sleep.

“Then, let me walk you home,” offered Dustin. “We’ll have plenty of opportunities to have a meal together. It’s fine to postpone this one.”

“Thank you.”

“You don’t need to be that courteous with me.”

Seeing Joan and Dustin walking side-by-side together, Gabriella finally revealed herself from the dark.

“My, my, Joan. You really are a popular succubus, but you won’t defeat me this time,” said Gabriella with a gleeful smile before she left happily.

Meanwhile, Larry was deep in his thought while hiding in the dark as well. He needed some time to process everything that happened that day.

As it turned out, he didn’t actually leave earlier. The reason being when he turned around, he caught Gabriella spying on Joan.

Larry was a little suspicious and had his guard up when he saw Gabriella there. She is the one who hired the guy to bully Joan. I wonder what she has up her sleeves this time.

Gabriella showing up also helped calm Larry down quickly. He was no longer furious when he observed everything from the side.

From his position, he could somewhat make out the conversation between Joan and Dustin.

Ah, so Dustin’s not her boyfriend… His mood immediately brightened upon realizing that.

But why did that foolish woman lie to me? Looks like I will have to investigate the matter further.

Larry drove his car and disappeared into the night.

Gabriella sent someone to investigate Dustin as soon as she got home.

The Wards had always had a good rapport with the underworld society in Marsingfill, so she was able to learn everything quickly.

Gabriella grinned at her discovery.

So Dustin is a renowned doctor who treated Joan in the past. If I can get my hands on the old photos they took together, I can send them to Larry and tell him that Joan heartlessly dumped him for the doctor. After that…

Gabriella suddenly felt as if her fantasy of being with Larry was within reach and could indeed become reality.

She decided to strike while the iron was hot. The first thing she did was gather photos of Joan and Dustin together. She collected anything that could make anyone mistake those two as a couple. Then, she had her people printed everything out.

All that’s left now is to get them to Larry.

Gabriella grinned happily at that thought. Unbeknownst to her, however, Larry had already seen through all her schemes.

On the following day, Gabriella walked into Norton Corporation confidently with the printed photos in hand.

The evidence is all here. I’d like to see how you defend that b*tch now, Larry!

“Larry, can I come in?” said Gabriella.

She deliberately made her voice sound sweet while waiting patiently behind the door.

“Come in,” said Larry.

He sounded as calm as he had always been.

“Larry, I need to tell you something,” informed Gabriella with a straight face on.

“What’s wrong, Gabriella? You can tell me anything,” replied Larry.

He had put his pen down and stopped working entirely because he wanted to see what Gabriella was up to.

“It’s… Well, I think I should just show you these photographs,” said Gabriella before handing the photos over.

Larry accepted the folder and checked the photos out. That was when he realized that those were photos that Joan took with Dustin. The two of them weren’t physically close, but it was obvious that they were good friends.

Larry was uncomfortable when he saw the photos of Joan hanging out with other men. Still, he turned to Gabriella and asked, “What are you trying to say?”

“Larry, these photos are taken from a few years ago. That means Joan was already with that Dustin guy back then. She left you for him, and this is proof of her betrayal!” announced Gabriella firmly. It was as if she had investigated everything thoroughly.

Larry nodded. He had already gotten used to Gabriella’s tricks.

“Alright, I got it,” replied Larry. “You don’t need to worry about this anymore.”

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