Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1473

Joan scanned her surroundings fearfully. Hopelessness filled her heart, and she had no idea what she would have to endure later. She didn’t know if anyone would come to rescue her, either.

Larry, please come and rescue me, was the first thought that surfaced in Joan’s mind. She was frantic at that moment and the scene of Larry rescuing her back then kept replaying in her mind. He was now her only hope.

The door to the warehouse opened, and two men with masks on entered. They removed the gag they placed on Joan.

“Who are you? Why did you kidnap me?” asked Joan.

Her big, round eyes were shining with fear.


The two men laughed maliciously as they stared at Joan.

“We don’t really have an agenda. All we want is to put on a show with you,” replied one of the men before he got a pill out of his possession. He then walked over to feed it to Joan.

“Here, take this. It will make things so much better later!”


The two men chuckled as their gaze burned with lust.

Joan clamped her mouth shut. She could tell from the two men’s tone that the pill was nothing good. She tried to fight back as much as possible.

Seeing how stubborn Joan was got one of the men to pinch her nose. He laughed and taunted, “Let’s see how long you can keep your mouth shut.”

Joan couldn’t breathe because her nose was blocked. All she could do was hold on for as long as she could. A minute later, she finally parted her lips.

The man with the pill pinched Joan’s mouth the second she opened them and threw the pill in.

Cough! Cough!

Joan tried to cough the pill out, but she couldn’t.

The men grinned evilly. Everything is done. All that’s left now is for the drug to take effect.

At that moment, Larry was inside his office in Norton Corporation.

A private number suddenly showed up on his phone and checking the screen prompted Larry to jump up.

“Hello, what’s wrong?” asked Larry grimly.

“Something happened to Joan Watts, Mr. Norton,” replied the man politely from the other end of the line.

“What? Explain!”

Larry had sprung up, and he seemed nervous.

“Someone kidnapped her this morning, and I’m tailing her right now. It looks like they are leaving the city.”

“Follow them. I will go to you right away!”


After hanging up the call, Larry grabbed his coat and ran out of the office immediately. He felt as if his heart was burning at that moment.

“Please be alright, Joan,” prayed Larry silently.

After the last incident with the three hooligans, Larry sent his bodyguard to keep Joan safe. He didn’t want her to get hurt again.

However, Joan was unaware of any of that.

When Joan was kidnapped, Larry’s bodyguard observed from the dark, so that he wouldn’t alert the culprit. He wanted to get to the bottom of it all, and that was why he chose to tail the culprit while calling Larry.

Larry sped down the road. He knew that the faster he went there, the less likely Joan would be hurt.

Fifteen minutes after Joan took the pill, her body started reacting to it. At first, she felt thirsty, followed by a burning sensation all over her body. It was as if a fire was burning in her abdomen.

That was when she finally realized what the pill was. It’s an aphrodisiac drug.

Joan fought endlessly to combat that strange feeling inside of her, but she was so thirsty that she was burning. She started to lose consciousness, and her vision blurred.

The two men noted that it was about time. With sly grins on their faces, they approached Joan.

Joan, however, was completely unaware. The burning in her body made her feel like stripping.

Bang! Just then, a loud noise came. Someone had kicked the door down.

Larry got there in time to rescue Joan.

He sighed a breath of relief when he saw that Joan was not hurt. It only took him a few moves to deal with the hooligans, and he pulled her into his arms after that.

“Joan, are you alright?” asked Larry in a worried tone.

Joan didn’t realize that she was rescued. In fact, she couldn’t even recognize Larry at that moment.

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