Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1484

Without any delay, Joan grabbed Larry as they headed out together.

Their first stop was a clothing store where Joan bought some new clothes.

As most of her clothes were for casual occasions, she figured she needed something proper for such a momentous occasion.

“Larry, what do you think of this?” Joan asked as she emerged from the changing room.

“Looks good,” Larry responded.

“How about this one?”

“Not bad.”

“What about this?”

“Looks good on you too.”

Joan tried out many different outfits while Larry patiently waited to provide his objective opinion.

“Hey, can you treat this more seriously?”

Joan grumbled, “Don’t just keep saying that it looks good. You have to provide more constructive suggestions.”

“But they really do look good.”

Larry wasn’t lying at all. Given Joan’s exquisite features and curves at all the right places, she could easily carry anything she wore.

“In that case, just pick one for me, then.”

Joan insisted on Larry choosing for her.

“That’s easy. Miss, please pack everything up. I’m taking all of them.”

With a wave of his hand, he handed his card to the sales attendant and bought everything.

“Of course, Sir. Please wait for a moment.”

The sales attendant was ecstatic as she was able to achieve two months’ worth of sales in one go.

“Larry! That’s too much. I won’t have the chance to wear them all.”

Joan quickly stopped him.

“Don’t worry, you look good in all of them. Besides, I’m the president of Norton Corporation while you are my girlfriend. There’s nothing wrong with you splurging on some clothes.”

It didn’t bother Larry at all as he just wanted to buy her whatever she desired.

Given how persistent Larry was, Joan relented and felt pampered at the same time.

“Sir, your clothes are ready for pick up. Here’s your receipt.”

The sales attendant politely handed over Larry’s card and receipt while giving Joan an envious look. I would willingly give up twenty years of my life just to have a boyfriend like that.

“Let’s go. Anyway, you look great in that outfit. So, just leave it on,” Larry commented with a smile while holding Joan by her waist.

“Alright,” Joan acknowledged submissively. After all, she had to admit that she did indeed look great in her current outfit.

Holding Larry’s arm, Joan left the store under the envious stares of the sales attendants.

“Shall we buy some gifts for your parents?” Joan asked for Larry’s opinion.


He obviously had no issues about it. As both of them chatted cheerfully while walking down the street, their bodyguard, Caspian, had his hands full with shopping bags and a glum expression on.

“Shouldn’t the boyfriend be doing this? Why am I carrying the bags?” Caspian’s grumbles were unfortunately heard by Larry.

“What did you just say? If you are upset about something, please don’t keep it to yourself.” Larry glared at Caspian.

“No, it’s nothing. I’m not upset about anything.” Caspian was so stressed that he almost burst into tears.

“That’s more like it,” Larry remarked smugly, causing Joan to giggle aloud.

Joan was struggling to decide on what to buy for Larry’s parents. Finally, based on Larry’s suggestion, she bought a box of premium exotic tea and some health supplements for Larry’s mom.

When Larry was about to pay, Joan stopped him and insisted to do so instead.

“This is the first time I’m buying gifts for your parents. So, I must pay for them myself,” Joan explained to which Larry agreed.

Despite the fact that both items would cost her a lot, Joan didn’t feel reluctant at all. Instead, she was overjoyed at the opportunity.

When Larry noticed how sincere she was toward his family, he swore to himself that he would treasure her for the rest of their lives.

After buying the gifts, both of them got into the car and headed for the Norton Residence.

“Larry, do you think your parents will like me?”

Along the way, Joan agonized over the question. She was so stressed that her palms were sweating profusely.

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