Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1485

“Don’t worry Joan, my parents will definitely love you,” Larry reassured her while stroking her hand.

“Really? In that case, do I look presentable today? Is there anything wrong with how I look?” Joan asked again.

She was wearing a fitting, white full-length dress. Her flawless fair skin, slender neck, and delightful makeup accentuated her exquisite features, making her a stunning sight to behold.

“Don’t worry. You look gorgeous today,” Larry replied with conviction as he looked at Joan.

In my heart, you will always be the most beautiful, Larry whispered in his mind.

While they were still chatting, the car finally came to a stop.

Larry patted Joan’s hands. “Come on, time to get down.”

That’s fast! Just when Joan had managed to calm herself, her pulse began to race again.

Noticing her anxiety, Larry beamed at her. “Don’t worry. Once you meet them, you will know how friendly they are.”

Larry’s words had a mysterious way of calming Joan. Just by looking at him, her racing heart rate began to slow down.

Hand in hand, they stepped into the Norton residence.

“Let’s go, it’s time to meet your in-laws,” Larry remarked with a laugh.

“You’re making me nervous!”

Feeling annoyed, Joan rolled her eyes at him.

Larry’s joke had caused the last of her anxiety to melt away. Holding onto his hand tightly, Joan was filled with anticipation as they walked into the living room.

There, Larry’s parents were seated and having tea.

“Mom, Dad, I’m home.”

He led Joan toward them.

“Welcome home, son.”

When she heard his voice, Vivian put down her cup and look in Larry’s direction.

When she saw a beautiful and elegant girl beside him, she was stunned. She asked thoughtfully, “Son, who is this you have brought with you?”

Despite not saying a word, Finnick was quietly scrutinizing Joan. Is she Larry’s girlfriend?

“Mom, Dad, let me introduce her. This is my girlfriend, Joan Watts.”

Just as he spoke, he looked at Joan. “Joan, these are my parents.”

“Hello, Mr. Norton, Mrs. Norton.”

Although Joan felt nervous when she met Larry’s parents, she didn’t forget her manners and greeted both of them with a sweet voice.


Vivian was so ecstatic to see Larry’s girlfriend that she sprang to her feet. “Joan, come closer. Let me take a closer look at you.”

The last of Joan’s nervousness faded away when she heard Vivian’s warm tone. Walking up to her confidently, Joan remarked with a smile, “Mrs. Norton, I have heard a lot about you from Larry. Especially about how stunning you are.”

Delighted by Joan’s words, Vivian held her hand warmly. “You sure know how to flatter me. Look at how beautiful you are, Larry must be really lucky to have found a girlfriend like you.”

“Mom, I’m not that bad, alright. Joan and I aren’t even married yet and you’re already siding with her. What’s going to happen when we do?”

Larry was overjoyed to see how well Joan was getting along with Vivian. It was obvious to him that Vivian was happy with her.

“Joan, did Larry ever bully you? He has always been spoilt by us. So, if he does, you have to tell me and I will definitely punish him.”

Vivian reminded Joan as she was worried that Larry didn’t treat her well enough.

“Mrs. Norton, don’t worry. Larry has been very good to me,” Joan replied at once. She, too, had a good impression of her future mother-in-law whom she found to be down to earth.

“That’s good. That’s good.”

Vivian shot Finnick a glance as he had yet to say a word throughout. “Hey, Finnick, why haven’t you said anything? Your son has brought his girlfriend home.”

Finnick returned her glance helplessly. “You have been talking non-stop since just now. I had no chance to get a word in at all.”

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