Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1488

“Joan, do you still remember what we said the last time we met? That we agreed to meet up another time?” Gabriella suggested with a smile.

She continued, “Don’t tell me you already forget?”

Of course Joan didn’t.

“But, Gabriella, I’m at work now. Why don’t you decide on a venue and I will see you there after work?”

“Fine with me. Meet me at Rainbow Café when you get off work then. I’ll send you the address in a while.”

Gabriella pretended to be friendly.

“Alright Gabriella, I’ll head over there once I’m done with work,” Joan replied.

“I’ll be waiting for you. Anyway, sorry for bothering you at work. See you later, Joan.”

Gabriella ended the call smiling. However, in the very next moment, her expression changed drastically.

As for Joan, even though she was quite surprised at receiving Gabriella’s call, she didn’t find it suspicious at all.

Thinking back to the time when she just entered university, everything was unfamiliar yet exciting. Gabriella was the first friend she got to know.

“Hi, I’m Gabriella, it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

“Hi, I’m Joan.”

Both of them quickly became good friends. They went to class together, ate together, shopped together, and even had sleepovers.

In Joan’s eyes, although Gabriella was gorgeous and came from a rich family, she didn’t look down on anyone and treated everyone with respect. Hence, Joan considered Gabriella to be her best friend.

Despite how sincere Joan was in their friendship, Gabriella didn’t share her sentiments at all.

When she first got to know Joan, Gabriella assumed she was from a rich family given how pretty she was. That was the only reason she made friends with her in the first place.

Once she found out about Joan’s ordinary background, she no longer concerned herself with her.

Even when they interacted with each other, Gabriella would always treat her in a condescending manner.

However, for the sake of maintaining her own reputation and the fact that Joan was also popular in school, Gabriella kept up the charade that they were close friends. Unfortunately, Joan didn’t notice her hypocrisy at all.

After work, Joan hailed a cab and headed to the address provided by Gabriella.

When she entered Rainbow Café, she spotted Gabriella in a corner and approached her quickly.

“Hi, Gabriella,” Joan greeted with a smile.

“Joan, have a seat.”

Gabriella didn’t sound as enthusiastic as she was on the phone. In fact, she even sounded upset.

As Joan took her seat opposite Gabriella, she noticed that there was a cup of coffee ready for her. Joan was delighted by Gabriella’s thoughtful gesture.

“Gabriella, it’s been a while now. We didn’t manage to talk much the last time. So, how have you been?” Joan enquired warmly.

“Not bad,” Gabriella replied coldly, staring at Joan.

The moment she arrived, Joan had noticed Gabriella’s gloomy expression. She figured that something unpleasant must have happened to her.

“What happened, Gabriella?” Joan asked with concern.

As her close friend, Joan felt the need to show some concern.

“The man I love has been stolen by a gorgeous yet shameful b*tch. I come from a better family than her and am more highly educated. Furthermore, I’m not inferior to her in terms of looks. So why does my man like her so much? What makes it worse is that I have always treated that b*tch as a good friend,” Gabriella gritted her teeth as she explained.

“The person you are talking about…”

Stunned, a sense of dread suddenly fell upon Joan.

“That’s right. I’m talking about you! Joan Watts!”

Gabriella stared daggers at her.

“Why must you interfere with my relationship with Larry when I have always treated you as my friend? Do you really enjoy being the third party?”

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