Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1494

The next moment, cheers erupted everywhere.

Just like an elegant prince, Larry walked up to Joan and brought out the ring he prepared. Kneeling with one knee on the ground, he gazed longingly into Joan’s eyes.

“I love you Joan, marry me!”

“Marry him! Marry him…”

With everyone immersing themselves in the romantic moment, loud cheers rang out through the crowd.

Face with Larry’s affectionate gaze, Joan couldn’t help but cover her mouth in shock.

Everything before her felt so much like a fantasy that she couldn’t believe it herself.

She was already thankful that she could redeem her reputation at the press conference. Hence, she didn’t expect Larry to come up with such a surprise at all.

“Joan, will you marry me?”

When he saw how emotional she was, Larry popped the question again.

“I will love you for the rest of my life and I will not allow you to come to any harm. I…”

Before he could finish, he was interrupted by Joan’s sobbing voice.

“I will! I most definitely will!” Joan replied aloud as tears streamed down her cheeks.

After having gone through so much, nothing was more important than staying by each other’s side.

As she had never been this happy before, Joan looked at Larry and felt that he was the world to her.

“That’s wonderful!”

The moment was so beautiful that even the reporters were touched by it. Cameras began to flash incessantly as they recorded the romantic moment.

Larry slowly stood up and lifted Joan’s right hand. He then helped her put on the ring while gazing passionately into her eyes.

Joan, from now on, you will be known as Mrs. Norton.

Surrounded by anticipative stares, Larry kissed her on her tender lips.

The raging passion within his kiss spilled onto her endlessly, as if to show how strong his feelings for her were.

Larry, from now till the end of time, till death do us part.

Showered with thunderous applause, Larry and Joan hugged each other affectionately.

Just when both of them were relishing the beautiful moment, something unexpected occurred.

Gabriella had just arrived at the press conference.

She was feeling guilty as she didn’t expect the matter to have escalated to that extent.

When she heard that Larry had organized a press conference, she began to panic and rushed to the scene to see what was going to happen.

She had regretted her actions as the moment she was exposed, she would be spurned by the public.

Now, the only thing that gave her courage was the business relationship the Wards shared with the Nortons.

She felt that Larry would restrain himself in order to preserve their partnership.

Obviously, Gabriella had overestimated the importance of her own family. Larry exposed her with total disregard for the business relationship both families shared.

The moment she arrived at the press conference, she coincidentally saw Larry helping Joan put on the ring followed by their affectionate hug.

At that moment, Gabriella charged forward hysterically as she couldn’t tolerate how happy Joan and Larry were in front of her.

Larry is mine and can only be mine!

Just when she was making a commotion, her mouth was suddenly covered by someone.

Mmm… Mmm… Mmm…

Despite struggling vehemently and trying to shout, all Gabriella could manage was muffled screams.

The person who had caught her was none other than Caspian.

Evidently, Larry had expected Gabriella to cause trouble at the press conference. Just as a precaution, he had arranged for Caspian to monitor the event so that Gabriella could be stopped the moment she appeared.

Naturally, his fears turned out to be true. When Caspian noticed the maniacal Gabriella, he covered her mouth and dragged her away.

Despite her desperate attempts to free herself from Caspian, her struggles were futile as the difference in strength was just too big.

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