Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1497

Landon clenched his jaw. ”I’m proud that you’ve grown into such a fine and considerate young woman. Alright, we’ll tolerate the matter for now. Don’t worry, even if we don’t start a feud against Norton Corporation, I’ll still make them pay for harming my daughter!”

He then phoned someone and said, “This is Landon. Have we started our business collaboration with Norton Corporation? No? Good. I want you to cancel the collaboration immediately because I’m no longer interested in doing business with them. Compensation for breach of contract? Just pay it, then! I want them to know what happens when they upset us Wards!”

What Landon canceled was a long-awaited business collaboration with Norton Corporation. Ward Group’s sudden withdrawal was definitely going to cause Norton Corporation massive losses, but that was nothing compared to the severe damages that Ward Group would face.

However, Landon was so consumed with avenging his daughter that he forgot to consider the consequences of his actions.

A second passed when he finally realized how grave a mistake he had made. His thoughts scrambled for a way to reverse his actions, but it was far too late now.

Damn it. My blind rage has single-handedly shoved our family company into a deep grave. Unfortunately, this came as an afterthought.

Standing next to him, Gabriella was extremely touched by his father’s decision to defend her honor. Her arms coiled around his neck as she placed a grateful kiss on his cheek.

“You’re the best, Dad!” Gabriella sang in a honeyed voice.

“Anything for my daughter.” Landon’s lips curled into an affectionate smile.

Unbeknownst to them, this incident would later become the catalyst for causing a major rift in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Joan had officially become Larry’s fiancée now that she had accepted his marriage proposal.

She terminated her lease and moved into Larry’s villa. This way, it was easier for them to share romantic and intimate moments in their own private little bubble.

Joan’s eyes cracked open from sleep. She reached an arm over to Larry’s spot but realized that he had already gotten out of bed.

She yawned and peeled her back off the bed, getting up to see what Larry was up to.

Soon enough, she saw Larry standing near the bedroom window. He stared blankly at the view outside with a half-burnt cigarette between his fingers, unaware that Joan had approached him.

Back when Joan had left him, he picked up smoking as a way of relieving stress.

This developed into a habit over the years.

It was normally manageable when Joan was beside him. However, there were still times when he would gravitate towards a cigarette naturally, especially when he felt troubled or when Joan wasn’t around.

“Larry,” Joan called out softly from behind.

Once Larry heard her voice, he immediately put out his cigarette and turned to face Joan with a smile. “You’re up early, why didn’t you sleep in a bit?”

“I woke up and couldn’t go back to sleep.” Joan paused and scrunched her brows into a frown. “Larry, why are you smoking again? You know that it’s bad for you.”

“Force of habit.” Larry’s gentle gaze met hers as he apologized, “Sorry. I know how much you hate the stale smell of cigarettes.”

Joan was well aware of Larry’s smoking habits. She knew that he picked it up because of how she suddenly disappeared from his life back then, and the thought of this made her chest tighten with guilt.

She placed a hand on her belly and continued distressedly, “Larry, I know you started smoking because of me. Now that we’re together again, will you please quit smoking? It’ll be best for you, me, and our baby.”

Obviously, there was no way Larry would refuse after seeing Joan’s bright and hopeful eyes. Besides, Joan was pregnant with his child now. He felt a sense of dread as he looked at her swollen belly, feeling terrified of how smoking would negatively affect his child.

“Don’t worry, I promise I’ll stop from now onwards,” Larry spoke with an iron-like determination as he wrapped his arms around Joan.

Laying against his chest cozily, Joan felt all fluttery inside. ”Good, now you have to keep your word! So what happens if you don’t?”

“Then you can punish me however you see fit,” Larry chuckled at her adorable, cat-like smile.

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