Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1508

Relentlessly, Carl continued his prattling. However, at that point, Gabriella was exceedingly irritated to the extent that she wasn’t even willing to say a word.

“Enough, Carl!”

Finally, Gabriella couldn’t take it anymore. Fumed, she bellowed, “Why don’t you take a look at yourself? Do you really think you’re good enough for me, huh? With such status and appearance of yours, things will never work out between us!”

Disdain and scorn were written all over Gabriella’s face, and as she looked at Carl, her eyes were filled with derision and mockery.

The penetrating glint in her eyes pierced directly through Carl’s heart. Cheap tart, I’ll make you beg for mercy between my legs one day!

Despite his thought, Carl kept his composure and didn’t let it show via his expression.

Gabriella’s brutal words didn’t stop him, nor did they make him retreat. Instead, his harassment became even more intense.

“Gabriella, I don’t care how you perceive me. My love for you is genuine! I’ve heard about the troubles you encountered recently. I’d say that a man like Larry is really a blinded fool. How can he not cherish such a perfect woman like you? I’m sure he’ll regret it sooner or later!” Carl expressed himself eagerly. The way he gazed at Gabriella was notably keen and affectionate.

In fact, Gabriella was deeply affected by the last sentence Carl uttered.

Larry is indeed blind, which is exactly why he fell for that wretch Joan. At some point in the future, he’ll definitely regret it and come begging for my forgiveness!

At that thought, Gabriella stopped pulling a long face. Out of the blue, she even felt that Carl wasn’t that annoying anymore.

The change in Gabriella’s expression was fully captured by Carl. In his mind, he was cursing Gabriella for indulging herself in her whims. Between his lips, however, sweet talks were spurted non-stop.

“Gabriella, trust me. I’ll do anything for you, as long as you promise to be with me.”

Carl’s voice was honeyed and filled with temptation. It sounded as though he would even be willing to pluck the stars for Gabriella if she agreed to his request.

“Are you really willing to do anything for me? Anything at all?”

Upon listening to what Carl said, an idea that targeted Larry and Joan occurred to Gabriella.

Carl was in a daze as he didn’t expect to see a change in Gabriella’s attitude so soon. He thought that it would take some time for Gabriella to finally give him her word. Immediately, he exclaimed in joy, “Of course! As long as you’re willing to accept me, I’ll agree to whatever you ask me to do, even if it means going through fire and water!”

“Well, if you can complete this successfully, I’ll consider accepting you.”

Thoughts and ideas whirled in Gabriella’s mind, and a smile crept up on her face.

“Go on, Gabriella. What is it?”

Happiness came too suddenly, and Carl was still in a trance-like state.

If Gabriella does give me an opportunity, I will find ways to sleep with her and set it in stone so that she has no choice but to accept me in the end.

Then, when the time comes, I’ll be able to get a piece of the pie of the Wards’ family business.

Carl was getting even more excited and couldn’t wait to get started on Gabriella’s task for him.

“Are you aware of the engagement between Larry and Joan? You should know that I hate Joan to the core now. Aren’t you a smooth talker? Since you can come up with all sorts of flatteries and sweet nothings, I want you to set Joan up and sleep with her. I don’t care how you do it, and it’s not necessary for you to really sleep with her as long as you can convince people of your romantic involvement with her and send me some intimate photos of you two together.” Gabriella wrapped it up and turned to Carl.

“You’re asking me to hook up with Joan? But I’m afraid it’ll be difficult for me to get past Larry.”

Even though Carl would do everything he could to capture Gabriella’s heart, that didn’t mean he was an idiot. The power Larry and Norton Corporation held wasn’t something he could contend with.

“I won’t force you into doing it. The decision is entirely up to you, and my stance remains the same. If this is successfully done, I’ll consider being with you.” Gabriella’s tone was full of temptation.

Using Carl as my cat’s paw to settle this matter and detaching myself from it at the same time, what a flawless plan I have. Gabriella couldn’t help boasting in silence.

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