Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1520

“Okay. Thanks for stopping by.” Carl replied courteously.

“Bye. See you again.” Joan waved at Carl while Larry just nodded slightly towards him before they stepped out of the ward.

After making sure the both of them left, a man reentered Carl’s ward. It was none other than the driver responsible for the accident.

“Why did Larry come too?” The driver asked sternly, apparently troubled by Larry’s visit.

“Don’t worry. It doesn’t matter if he came. You’ve taken the photos, right?” Carl curled his lips into a cold smile.

“Yes, I’ve taken plenty of them. All the places outside the company, including this ward and the coffee shop. Anyone who sees them would surely believe you two are having an affair.” The driver replied with confidence.

“Great. No matter how powerful Larry is, I doubt he would be able to defeat these rumors and proofs.”

Carl let out another boisterous laugh as he saw everything progressing according to his plan. Gabriella will be mine soon.

His face was filled with satisfaction as he imagined the perfect future…

After Larry and Joan left the hospital, they stopped by a random restaurant and ordered some food.

“Joan, how did you meet Mr. Jefferson?” Larry asked directly as he needed to know as much as he could about this man.

However, he did not tell Joan of “Cory’s” fake injury. He figured she would find out sooner or later when the time was right.

His other concern was Joan’s straightforward temper. If she were to find out, there was no guarantee that she would act rationally. All Larry’s strategy would be messed up if she did anything rash.

Seeing that Larry showed massive interest in her and “Cory’s” relationship, Joan began telling him all the details he wanted to know without suspecting anything.

The more Larry heard about Joan’s story, the more he confirmed this was a play set up by “Cory.” He believed the latter’s intention was no other than to gain Joan’s heart.

As for why “Cory” needed to gain Joan’s heart, Larry was still uncertain. However, he was not worried as he felt that “Cory’s” purpose would be exposed in no time.

On the other hand, there was a high chance that the car accident was also planned by “Cory.”

Although feeling resentful, Larry had to admit “Cory’s” acting was indeed a masterpiece of work. The fact that Joan did not even have the slightest suspicion for him was the best proof.

“Joan, don’t you feel that ‘Cory’ has an intention?”

Nevertheless, Larry felt to need to give a little warning to Joan, just in case something would happen in the near future.

Joan was stunned momentarily by Larry’s words. As she knew better than anyone that Larry was not the kind that gave abrupt assumption, she began to think cautiously.

Indeed, recalling all the encounters she had with “Cory,” it would be hard to believe they were all coincidences. But the latter had admitted that besides business purposes, he did have a thing for her, and he wanted to know who her boyfriend was.

“Cory” did not even try to create excuses to come near her, but he honestly expressed his feelings. It was what made Joan’s guard down against him.

And the most important thing was that “Cory” actually risked his life for her. Regardless of what intention he might have, Joan found it hard to ignore the fact that he was willing to sacrifice for her.

Joan wanted to tell Larry about all these, but at that moment, she could not care less about what Larry thought.

Meanwhile, Larry was also aware that his words might not have much influence on Joan’s mind. Thus, he did not further discuss the matter, as he did not want to look like he was jealous.

He figured as long as Joan was careful, nothing serious would happen.

Meanwhile, Caspian’s efficiency was indeed unbeatable. In a just short time, Larry received a call from the former.

“Hello.” Larry picked up the phone.

“Boss, I have done investigating the whole thing. Cory is a fake name; his real name is Carl. He is from a rich family in Marsingfill. He was once a gangster back in high school. Even now, he does not have a real job. So he is nothing more than a wastrel depending on his parents’ wealth.” Caspian gave a brief report on Carl.

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