Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1522

Larry was waiting patiently for Gabriella and Carl to reveal their move. Meanwhile, Carl had no idea that his true identity was exposed and that Larry was closely monitoring all his moves.

In blind, Carl was in a rather joyous mood, as the plan he had been so diligently sowing finally seemed to reap.

With this in mind, he made a call to Gabriella.

Meanwhile, Gabriella was feeling frustrated. She finally understood why her own father lost his temper on her that day.

It was because of all the lies she planted inside Landon’s head, which triggered Landon to cancel the deal with Norton Corporation. This had caused an irreparable blow for the Ward family’s business.

Later, Landon found out that Norton Corporation was the reason why no one wanted to deal with the Wards.

After finding it out, Landon furiously called Finnick and questioned him harshly. But Finnick only replied with a simple yet insulting answer – you reap what you sow.

First on the list was the incident where Gabriella deliberately defamed Larry and his fiancée, Joan. Besides that, the Wards broke the contract, which resulted in a great loss for Norton Corporation. With all these, Norton Corporation was starting to counterattack.

Finnick was sending a clear message, that Norton Corporation would not allow anyone to take advantage of them. If anyone were to play the game with them, they would be sure to return the same favor.

Landon was beyond exasperated, but he knew the Wards was no match at all to Norton Corporation, whether in personal connections or economic strength. If Norton Corporation decided to destroy the Wards, he would not stand a chance to survive.

Thus, Landon regretted his rash action out of his stupidity. If he had known of the outcome, he would not have easily believed his daughter’s fabrication.

The entire empire he had poured his sweat and blood for was nearly brought down by some random lies from his daughter. At the thought of this, Landon could no longer suppress his wrath. He stormed into Gabriella’s room and slapped her.

“You insolent fool, look at what the Ward family has become because of you!”

Landon had fallen out with Gabriella as he roared furiously at her.

Meanwhile, Gabriella stared fearfully at her father’s exasperated eyes while her body was trembling incessantly. He had never laid a hand on her before. At that moment, she knew she had crossed the line.

Gabriella buried her face in her hands as she dared not to say a word in front of Landon. She knew she was the one held responsible for this mess. As much as she blamed herself, she resented Larry and Joan.

Right then, she no longer hoped to marry Larry. Her last hope was to destroy Larry and Joan with everything she had left. It was all their fault that she was on this path.

After Landon finished releasing his rage upon Gabriella, he stomped his way out from her room.

He knew it was meaningless to scold Gabriella. Eventually, he would still need to solve this mess on his own.

After Landon left, Gabriella froze on the spot as the color drained from her face.

It was all up to Carl at this stage. If Carl was able to pull it off, not only could she destroy Larry and Joan’s marriage, she might be able to create turmoil in Norton Corporation.

If putting Norton Corporation into chaos could help the Wards, there would be a chance for her father to forgive her.

Carl, please don’t let me down!

Just then, her phone rang. The instant she saw Carl’s name on the screen, she quickly picked it up.

“Hello, Carl.” There was a trace of hope in Gabriella’s voice as she felt that her anticipation was about to be fulfilled.

“Gabriella, do you miss me?” Carl greeted with a lecherous tone.

Gabriella was utterly revolted by his voice. Despite that, she had no choice but to humble herself as he was her only hope at the moment.

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