Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1529

Larry smiled faintly. “Of course, this may not even prove anything. So please, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. The real fun has yet to come.

“I’m sure everyone remembers what Carl said at the interview last time. He mentioned that he only wanted to see Joan and that it wasn’t him who leaked the news to the media. So, let’s see what happens next, shall we?”

Larry fished out another thumb drive as he spoke.

After plugging the thumb drive into a laptop, he played a video that showed the news agency that first reported the case, and the person caught on screen entering said news agency was none other than Carl himself.

Larry continued to speak at a steady pace, “I’m sure everyone can see clearly that the person caught red-handed right here is Carl. The question is, what’s his purpose for entering the news agency?”

The journalists said nothing as all of them sank into deep thought.

They were not idiots, and Carl’s purpose for sneaking into the news agency was self-evident—to provide a scoop.

The date on the surveillance was as clear as day as well. The footage was taken on the day before that particular news agency rolled out the headline regarding Joan’s tryst with a mysterious man.

It was glaringly obvious what Carl had provided the firm.

No wonder Norton Corporation managed to stay calm amid their plight. They had solid evidence in their hands all along!

Larry took note of the expressions hanging on each of the journalists’ faces. He could tell that they were beginning to believe him. After that, Larry brought up another fact.

“Let me tell you something else. Carl had mentioned before that he got hit by a car as a result of saving Joan, and he was subsequently taken to the hospital because of that. I’m sure you’ve all heard about that.

“We’ve managed to find the driver who caused the accident. In a while, you’ll get to hear what really happened, straight from the horse’s mouth,” Larry stated confidently.

The journalists were interested in finding out the truth, so they waited patiently.

Soon, Caspian made his appearance and brought a man to stand before Larry. The man had a bruised face and a swollen nose. After delivering their witness, Caspian stood aside with his head bowed.

“This is the driver I was talking about. Let’s hear what he has to say.” Larry stared at the man beside him.

The man hesitated, obviously contemplating his next move. While Larry watched him without saying a word, Caspian was not as patient as his employer, snorting at the driver.

The man shuddered involuntarily as he looked back at Caspian. As his fearful eyes met Caspian’s bloodthirsty ones, he swallowed hard and began to speak.

“I swear, I’ve got nothing to do with this. Carl made me do it. He asked me to wait for him at the entrance of Joan’s company. Once he gave me the signal, I would start driving and pretend to hit her. Then he would take the opportunity to rescue Joan. That way, he would get on her good side.

“He even feigned an injury and got himself admitted into the hospital. I swear, I didn’t even hit him. It was all an act.”

The man spilled everything, not daring to hide any details.

“Then why did you help him?” a journalist questioned the man.

“Because he promised me a sum of money as payment after I finish the deed. I thought it was all an act, that it was not a big deal, so I agreed,” the man replied.

“Is there anything else you want to add?” Larry duly reminded the driver.

“Yes, there is.”

The man dared not go against Larry. If he offended the president, he would only land himself in more misery.

“Carl also ordered me to take the photos, which he later submitted to the news agency. He wanted me to snap pictures that showed him being intimate with Joan so that he could claim that he and Joan go way back. But they were all fake!”

Larry was quite satisfied with the man’s tact. He asked the man again, “So, what’s the relationship between Carl and Gabriella? I hope you can give a good answer if you want a lighter sentence.”

The man was more than eager to oblige. “It was all Gabriella’s plan. She told Carl that once he’s successfully completed the task, she’ll marry him, and then he can inherit the Ward family fortune. That was why Carl arranged a series of elaborate plans, with little care for the repercussions he might get himself into for offending Norton Corporation. He wanted to take advantage of public pressure to bring down Norton Corporation.”

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