Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1533

Alas, how time flies when one was having fun. Those few days passed in the blink of an eye, drawing Larry and Joan’s vacation to a gradual end.

They were then in Horington, a city that was a near distance from Marsingfill. Also, it was the final stop of their vacation.

“Ah, time truly flies! Larry, we’re going home tomorrow, but I’m really happy! In fact, I’m over the moon!”

The two of them were ambling along the street in Horington, and a blissful smile bloomed on Joan’s face.

“I’m glad you’re happy! In this case, we’ll go on vacations more often in the future. After some time, when there’s less work at the subsidiaries, we’ll go abroad and travel all the countries you love,” Larry promised with a smile.

Joan had told him that she loved Pillere, mainly because of its romantic atmosphere, rich civilization and culture, local customs, and most importantly, the fact that lovers could be spotted everywhere on the streets.

But when she went there, he wasn’t by her side.

Now, you have me by your side. I’ll be with you forever! Larry mused joyfully as he gazed at her.

“Sure! Let’s go to Pillere!”

Without even thinking about it, she blurted out the place she wanted to visit most.

She wanted to go to the most romantic place with the person she loved most.

“Okay, we’ll go to Pillere.”

Larry nodded, for he didn’t mind going anywhere she liked.

“Then, let’s also go to Norham, Beskary, Irushea…”

Joan held up her fingers as she named every single place she liked, looking incredibly adorable as she pondered with her head tilted.

“Oh yes, let’s also go to Lightspring! That’s a must! Do you remember why we’ve got to go there?”

She then stared at Larry mischievously, seemingly having thought of something.

“Of course, I do. We’re going there to visit Kobe.”

Larry smiled as well, for that was a beautiful memory they shared.

During college, Larry was the school campus beau whom thousands of females students idolized. It wasn’t only because of his handsome looks, but there was also another major reason— his outstanding basketball skills.

Before he got acquainted with Joan, he streaked about the basketball court every day, competing with various skilled players on campus.

He wasn’t the tallest in terms of height, nor was he the brawniest in terms of physique. However, one thing no one could deny about him was that his skills were the best among them all.

His sharp breakthroughs, graceful shots, precise three-pointers, and swift dribbling always elicited cheers from the female fans on the sidelines.

Even his opponents respected him a lot, for he posed a challenge to them regardless of whether he was on the defensive or offensive end.

Due to a myriad of reasons, his opponents then gave him a nickname, dubbing him “Little Kobe.”

After all, not only did he possess a rich arsenal of offensive maneuvers, aggressive defense, and realistic fake moves, but also Kobe’s deadly mamba-like temperament.

Of course, his idol was none other than Kobe.

Back then, Joan was also one of Larry’s fans.

She liked to go to the basketball court to watch him play, and unknowingly, it became a habit.

She loved how he looked when he sweated, his elegant and cool movements, as well as his handsome looks.

Slowly, he started inching his way into her heart, and she fell in love with him.

When she realized that she had fallen in love with him, she felt rather uneasy since she wasn’t the kind of person who was good at expressing herself. Instead, she was already contented to just look at him silently.

When someone had taken a fancy to someone else, the person in question would be seized by a fervent desire to know everything about the other person.

Thus, she started paying attention to everything about him at all times—every single detail about his life, his personality, likes and dislikes, habits, idols, and even beliefs. All those were things she wanted to know about him.

But even when she had gotten to know everything about him, she didn’t dare approach him because he was too outstanding, so much so that she felt inferior.

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