Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1545

“How many times do I have to tell you? You must be quick and precise when it comes to dealing with enemies! Any form of mercy for the enemy is cruelty to yourself! If you had given in your all since the beginning, you wouldn’t have been shot!” thundered Larry. Needless to say, Caspian’s injury did not sit well with him.

Caspian lowered his head as Larry continued to yell at him like a kid being punished, not saying anything to retaliate.

“Oh Larry, stop scolding Caspian. If it wasn’t for him, we could have still been held hostage at gunpoint!” Joan interrupted, unable to withstand Larry’s unfair lectures at Caspian any further.

“If he hadn’t underestimated the enemy, he wouldn’t be in this position! He can’t even carry out such a simple thing with perfection, how more stupid can he be?”

Larry did not stop ranting, refusing to drop the subject. However, it was Joan who didn’t realize the pain behind his anger.


Joan opened her mouth to refute but was interrupted by Caspian.

“Thank you for defending me Ma’am, but Boss was right. It’s all my fault. I had underestimated the enemy. I apologize, Boss.”

Hearing Caspian’s apology, Larry softened his gaze and stopped reprimanding him.

“Stay here, I’ll go grab the first aid kit in the car.”

Though he spoke in a disapproving tone, even Joan could hear the concern in Larry’s voice this time.

As Larry brisk walked to the car, a lump formed in Caspian’s throat as he sniffed.

Boss really is still the same person from years ago. He hasn’t changed a bit, still the same strict and serious boss that’ll lose his temper over something trivial.

Even so, Caspian knew that none of their best mates would blame Larry for that, because everyone knows Larry cared for them the most, even when he never showed it. After all, Larry being stern with them was for their lives’ sake!

Reminiscing those years together, Caspian sighed, overcome with mixed emotions.

Those fervent years were in the past. A lot of their friends were no longer in contact with each other. Nevertheless, whenever Caspian recounted those memories, the familiar sense of passion would course through his veins. Their brotherhood would always be permanently etched upon his bones, and nothing could change that.

Caspian’s eyes began to redden. Joan was deeply moved by the picture as she kept looking back and forth between Caspian and Larry. Their deep care for each other—surpassing all relations between an employer and an employee—was plain for all to see.

Although Joan could not and could never fully understand the true definition of brotherhood, she had no doubt that those two would trust each other with their lives, even to the point of sacrificing oneself.

“Caspian, what exactly is your relationship with Larry? Why do you address him as Boss?” Joan couldn’t help but ask. The more she couldn’t understand, the more she wanted to know.

“Boss… is Boss!” laughed Caspian. “He’s my boss, always has been and always will be!” A genuine grin appeared on his face.

Joan was taken aback slightly. Normally, Caspian would show the emotions of a brick wall. Even if Larry were to put him in a difficult position, Caspian would still remain his calm and collected self. Before that day, Joan would have never suspected Caspian of being capable of smiling.

But now, seeing Caspian grinning only did Joan realize the big heart underneath all those muscles. I guess appearances really are deceiving.

“But… what’s your relationship with him?”

Refusing to drop the matter, Joan continued to press Caspian for more information.

“An employer-employee relationship. He’s my boss after all. Other than that… I won’t tell you.”

No matter how hard Joan tried to sway him, Caspian still kept his lips sealed.

“Fine, don’t tell me. I don’t want to know anymore,” mumbled Joan, pursing her lips since she did not get the answer she wanted.

As Joan huffed in annoyance, a cheeky idea struck her. Since you won’t let me know, don’t blame me for teasing you. She smirked playfully before turning to look at Caspian. “You two… can’t possibly be in that kind of relationship, right?”

“What kind of relationship?”

Caspian was dumbfounded. Could she have guessed it already? That’s impossible! Ma’am shouldn’t be smart enough to figure it out!

“Did you use to dine and sleep together?” Joan widened her eyes, feigning innocence as she tried to suppress her laughter.

“Well, yes. We would dine and sleep together. We would even shower together at times,” answered Caspian truthfully, oblivious to Joan’s intentions.

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