Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1559

“Will you still accept me? I’m no longer the great princess. Now, I’m even worse than an average person. I can’t even do housework. Will you still think of me as someone great?”

Gabriella’s voice was trembling. Carl’s words made tears brimmed in her eyes.

Adoration filled Carl’s voice as he pleaded, “I will. The one I love is you and not your identity as the Wards’ daughter. You might not have believed it back then, but I’m sure you do now. Gabriella, marry me!”

As she listened to Carl’s proposal, tears finally escaped Gabriella’s eyes and streamed down her cheeks.

She never thought Carl, the one she once looked down on and detested, would choose to propose to her when she was at the hardest time of her life. I’ve always misunderstood him. He really does love me.

A warm sensation seeped into her heart at that thought. Although he was not excellent—he was even disabled now—what Gabriella needed now was a family who could protect her and a man who would worry about her.

Right as she was about to speak, Carl continued, “Gabriella, I know I’m not good enough for you. I lost the use of my legs because of some things in the past, and I really am not worthy of you. But still, I hope you can accept me. Please consider it, Gabriella. If you want me, I’ll come and pick you up at your place tomorrow. Let’s go back to my house. Let’s go back to a place where you’ll be loved.”

“I don’t need to consider it. I do. I’ll come with you!”

By then, Gabriella was already sobbing, her defenses having broken down by Carl.

Carl could give her everything she wanted. Why would she not say yes to him?

“That’s great, Gabriella. I’m so happy. I didn’t think you’ll accept me; I thought you were going to reject me without hesitating.”

The joy was audible in Carl’s voice. It was a day he had been waiting for long.

“How can I? I’m glad that you don’t think I’m a burden now.”

Gabriella heaved a heavy sigh. After experiencing so many things, she realized she had changed the way she saw things.

She was no longer the vain and prideful Gabriella. Now, she was just an ordinary woman who craved a blissful, stable life.

“Gabriella, prepare yourself, then. I’ll be picking you up from your place tomorrow. We’ll go to the Johnsons before we discuss further marriage,” Carl said to her.

“Okay. I’ll pack up and wait for you,” Gabriella cooed.

I’m going to finally have a family of my own and a man who loves and will protect me. We’ll have a happy life ahead of us.

Blissful fantasies began filling Gabriella’s mind. For a moment, she felt as if her happily-ever-after was standing right in front of her.

Meanwhile, after Carl ended the call, the smile on his face dropped.

“Gabriella, you’ve finally stopped rejecting me. However, do you really think I have those feelings for you? You’re only my plaything. Once we’re married, I’ll pay back a thousand times the humiliation you forced me to endure.”

Once Carl had achieved his aim, he took off his sheep’s clothing and bared his fangs. He still loved Gabriella, but it was no longer the same love as the love he used to have.

In the past, she was the goddess he could never have. Although he wanted her, he knew it was an impossible dream of his.

It was no longer the same. Carl only wanted her body now. He only craved the excitement of dragging a goddess down the pedestal and turn her into a mortal like him; he only wanted to take revenge on Gabriella for looking down on him and humiliating him.

That night, Gabriella contacted the owner of the villa to get a refund on her rental. After packing all of her things, she quietly waited for Carl to come.

The next morning, Carl arrived as promised.

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