Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1578

“Ok, as long as you like it.”

Larry agreed to Joan’s request affectionately.

“Hello, would you like to buy some flowers?”

The middle-aged woman approached them when she heard their conversation.

“How much are you selling it for?” Joan smiled and asked.

“Ten for one stalk of flower.”

A sinister smile flashed across Xyla’s face as she replied Joan with a smile.

“Give me nine then.”

Larry didn’t notice Xyla’s strange behavior as he spoke.

“Ok, your total is ninety.”

Xyla handed Joan the flowers while she secretly observed Larry.

A sharp glint flashed in Xyla’s eyes when she saw Larry reaching for his wallet. She quickly pulled out a dagger from her flower basket and stabbed at Joan fiercely.

I’ll make you pay for killing my husband.

Larry could still see Xyla and Joan out of the corner of his eyes even though he was pulling some notes out of his wallet.

Larry snapped his head up when he noticed Xyla’s strange behavior. He cried out in terror when he saw her pulling out a dagger.

“Joan, be careful!”

Larry shouted and pulled Joan to his side. Joan almost got hurt as the dagger brushed over her back.

Xyla slashed at Joan once again. She knew it wouldn’t be easy to take Larry down. Hence, she figured Larry would be more wary if she targeted Joan.

Xyla slashed at a very tricky angle. Joan was going to get hurt no matter how hard she tried to avoid it.

Larry had no choice but to block the attack with his own body.

He lowered himself as Xyla stabbed him in the shoulder.


Larry grunted, resisted the sharp pain on his shoulder and aimed a kick at Xyla’s lower abdomen.


Xyla screamed in agony as she flew backwards. Even though she had been specially trained, Xyla couldn’t get up from the ground after receiving such a heavy blow from Larry.

Blood was trickling out of the corner of her mouth when she got back up again. She was injured.

Xyla didn’t hesitate to run away after her attempt failed. However, Larry wasn’t about to let her get away as he kicked her down once again and locked her shoulder.

“Who are you?”

Larry asked coldly as he ignored the injury on his shoulder.

Only then did Joan regain her senses. She was shocked when she saw the dagger on Larry’s shoulder.

“Larry, how are you feeling? Let’s hurry to the hospital!”

Joan’s heart ached as she watched blood trickling down his shoulder.

“Don’t worry about me, I’m fine. Let me find out more about this woman first.”

Larry quickly consoled since he didn’t want Joan to worry too much about him.

He then turned his attention to Xyla once again. Soon, something about her caught his eye, he wiped Xyla’s face with his hand.

Very soon, the wrinkles were replaced with a young and pretty face.

“Who the hell are you?”

Larry asked once again since he couldn’t recall when he had crossed paths with this woman.

“Hmph. Of course, you wouldn’t know who I am! But I hate you with a passion!”

Xyla glared at Larry hatefully.

“Do you still remember the assassins who tried to kill you two months ago? The leader was my husband! It was his last mission. He promised me he would quit his job as an assassin forever after that. He said he would come back home and live a happy life with me. But he’s not coming back anymore because of you! I have lost my darling husband forever. My child, who just turned one-month old, would never get to experience a father’s love ever!

Xyla shouted angrily. Tears flowed out upon thinking of her poor child. Then, she started sobbing uncontrollably.

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