Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1629

Still, he muttered, “I’ve asked my coworker to reserve a table for us at a nearby restaurant. If we don’t go, his efforts will go to waste. Are you free tonight? It’s been a while since we had a meal together.”

Joan was someone loyal and too kind. That was why Dustin was sure she would not reject him.

Thus, it was unsurprising when Joan nodded after a second. “Sure, but I’ll have to tell Larry about it.”

While they were on their way to the restaurant, Larry did not pick up Joan’s call. It was only when they arrived at the restaurant then did Larry finally accepted the call.

On Joan’s face was a sweet smile. It was not like the polite and reserved smile she had for everyone else. Dustin could see that it was a genuine smile.

“Larry? I won’t be coming home for dinner. I have a friend who just came back from overseas.”

“A guy or a girl?” It seemed like Larry was busy, for he spoke quickly. Instead of asking who it was, he asked for the gender of her friend.

Right then, a girl behind Joan loudly made her order, and her voice traveled into Larry’s ears.

“Okay, got it. Come back earlier. By the way, if you need Caspian to pick you up tonight, tell him earlier. I’ll try to go home as early as I can,” Larry reminded. He sounds like he’s really busy.

If Joan knew that the minor misunderstanding would have blown up in the future, she would have promptly clarified that the friend she was having dinner with was a guy back then.

“He’s nice to you,” Dustin mumbled, the comment seemingly for Joan and himself. Then, he sipped on his wine.

The smile on Joan’s face grew wider. “He’s always worried about everything. He’s forgotten that I’m no longer a kid. Oh my, we keep talking about me. What about you? Do you have anyone overseas?”

Dustin quietly averted her gaze. “Me? I’m always in the lab. Where would I get a girlfriend?”

“Are you going to be working in the best lab in Marsingfill now that you’re back?”

“No. My higher-ups have arranged for me to be a lecturer of the Department of Medicine at Nirhaven College. That way, I’ll have more time to research instead of working all day,” Dustin told her.

However, Joan widened her eyes as they sparkled, and there was a tinge of disbelief in her voice. “Really? You’re working at Nirhaven College?”

Dustin put down his glass. “What’s the matter?”

“When we were overseas, didn’t I tell you that I have something I regret? You might not believe what I say next, but I now have an opportunity to fix that. I’ve returned to my studies, and I get to stay in Nirhaven College. Two years later, I’ll be getting my certificate from the college!”

Dustin could barely believe what he just heard. Is this fate? For a moment, he was transfixed. The confident Dustin in the conference a few days earlier was now nowhere to be found.

“Please take good care of me, Dr. Silverman.” As she spoke, she lifted her glass toward him. At the same time, Dustin lifted his, the smile on his face bright. “Of course.”

What Joan did not notice were two pairs of eyes watching her from a distance away.

“Don’t stop me! I have to tell Boss about this!”

Caspian’s brows were knitted tightly as he took out his phone from his pocket. However, Nancy was quicker than he is. She stole his phone away.

“No way!” Nancy’s face was red. “Didn’t you see that Joan called Larry earlier? Larry didn’t seem to have reacted to it. If you do this, Larry might think there really is something between you. Are you going to be the one to ruin their relationship?”

Nancy was not one who was good with her words, but still, Caspian saw sense in them. Caspian did everything for Larry, but that did not mean he would think of the consequences at all times.

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