Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1688

Caspian purposely put on a look of disgust. “Don’t listen to her. Everything else about Nancy is good, except that she always lacks some brains whenever she’s thinking about problems or is trying to do something.”

Not to be outdone, Nancy quickly stepped forward and used a grappling technique on Caspian, pressing his arm against his back. “Who did you say lacks brains?”

When one’s wife had a black belt in Taekwondo, even Caspian, who was well-trained in martial arts, had to bow down to her in respect. Rendered immobile by Nancy, he could hear Joan snickering by the side. Thus, he could only repeatedly apologize. “Me, it’s me. I’m the ignorant one and also the one who doesn’t use his brains…”

“Oh right, that S has already attacked three small companies under Norton Corporation. If he’s aiming for the entire company, he’ll take action soon!” Nancy then let go of her grip on Caspian.

Joan nodded. “I know. I’ll tell Larry when I get back and get him to increase the security for the internal information of each branch,” she said as she moved to pick up her handbag from the sofa. Just as she stepped out of the room, she turned back and added, “You guys have to strengthen your cybersecurity too…”

Caspian was confused. “We have to strengthen what? Isn’t S’s goal…” Before he could say the word “Boss,” Nancy suddenly realized something and interrupted him. “It’s better to take precaution anyway. As they say, play it safe. If S’s target is all of Marsingfill’s well-known companies, then my dad’s company may also be invaded!”

Recognizing that she made sense, Caspian stopped rebutting against Nancy. However, she knew that Joan’s words were actually to remind her that if S’s goal was to avenge the marriage, his next target would be her family’s company.

Three branches under Norton Corporation had been acquired by multinational companies. Consequently, their stock prices dropped sharply that day.

Furthermore, there were endless discussions from everywhere in the stock market. Norton Corporation had always been one of the most stable stocks in the market due to its excellent business model and employee management. The recent acquisition was the first in thirty years for Norton Corporation.

As a result, Larry was extremely stressed by it. Other than his hatred for the mysterious Mr. S, he was also questioning his own management style.

Meanwhile, Jory was leisurely leaning back on the sofa with a cup of tea in his hands while watching the news. His smile got wider as he crossed his legs, and his black leather shoes clicked rhythmically in time with the news.

Gabriella had recently been going to Jory every two or three days. Ever since she attached the black device he gave her onto Joan’s phone, she had often felt uneasy, feeling as though something was about to happen. Although Jory had said that nothing would happen to Joan, Gabriella was still flustered. Thus, she constantly ran over to Jory’s office.

However, it was an office in name only. In reality, it was just a floor that he had rented in a building. Even though Gabriella had privately collaborated with Jory, he knew everything about her, yet she knew nothing about him, not even his name.

The first time she went to Jory’s office, she realized that it was nothing compared to the office of a manager working under her father. Compared to the highly-paid, white-collar workers she had met before, Jory’s office was so small that it looked a little pitiful. However, Jory knew how to enjoy life. Even though the place was small, he had decorated it very stylishly.

Every time Gabriella turned up, she would ask Jory the same question. “What exactly is the function of that black device?”

Jory’s reply was consistent every time. “You don’t need to know. Anyway, it’s already been installed. Even if it had any function, you can’t change anything anymore.”

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