Never Late, Never Away Chapter 1697

Feeling frustrated, Caspian covered his face with those papers. “Argh! What’s going on? Why did the internal information leak out?”

“Let’s think of a way to meet the directors of Alpire Group!” Immediately, anticipation gleamed in Larry’s eyes as he came up with a firm and decisive plan. “I want to question them why do they keep acquiring our companies!”

Caspian continued, “I’m wondering too. There are many ways to make a fortune, but why do they choose this way? Aren’t they afraid that they will offend Norton Corporation if the acquisition is unsuccessful? Though we have similar standing, it will jeopardize their future development if they offend us.”

“So… their target is personal instead of business!” As soon as Larry made such a remark, both of them were shocked.

After he hung up, he sunk in thought. This assumption is way too terrifying, but the probability of it being the case is very high!

If Alpire Group really targets one of us, who will that be?

Meanwhile, Joan had just returned to Nirhaven College. She had never expected the Norton Corporation to encounter such a problem. Luckily, it was summer break, so she could allocate time for herself while having sufficient time to deal with the upcoming problems.

“Are you going to invite the directors of Alpire Group for dinner tomorrow?” Joan was holding a fork and looking at Larry with her eyes widened.

He put some greens on her plate. While staring at those greens, his heart was filled with hope. “Yeah! They have acquired our branches, and we need to transfer those shares to them, so I think it is necessary for both parties to meet.”

Larry then dipped the ladle into the casserole and continued, “So far, we’ve only received the acquisition contract, but they haven’t taken the companies’ properties and liquid assets away.”

“That means they don’t need the money urgently. If I were them, I would have withdrawn the funds and stocks after I acquired the company. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to cover the cost of acquisition!” Joan was trying to analyze the situation.

Upon hearing that, Larry frowned. “Darling, I feel uneasy. I don’t think they are after our money. Do you think they are targeting someone in our company?”

Joan forced a smile. “Who would dare to offend such a large company knowing that he would end up in deep trouble…” She swallowed a mouthful. Suddenly, something came into her mind, and she looked at Larry with her glazed eyes. “Could you be the target?”

The next morning, the mellow sunlight passed through the transparent windows and filled the entire room with warmth. Everything was in honeyed tones, beautiful and soothing. The heat of the sun gave the room a cozy lived-in air. There was a large bed occupying almost half of the room. A handsome man was lying on his side with a beautiful woman resting on his left arm, while his right arm was embracing the woman’s slender waist.

They were partially covered by a soft and fluffy quilt. There was a small figure squeezed between them, exposing half of his head. That was a cute little boy, with curly hair and ruddy lips. He was batting his long and delicate eyelashes, which looked like a butterfly fluttering its wings and shattering the rays of sunlight.

He pouted his lips, snuggling into the woman’s arms. She was half asleep and could feel the touch. Then, her hand habitually pulled the quilt up, and she fell asleep again. The sun shone on the velvet curtain, and the warm light swayed gently, scattering the mottled colors all over the room.

Larry opened his eyes and saw such a beautiful scene. For a while, everything seemed to freeze. Waking up on a sunny morning with you by my side is the best moment in my life.

Thinking about that, he could not help but chuckle. A beautiful family was indeed a diluent for all troubles. Even though Norton Corporation was in deep trouble, he still felt he was the happiest man in the world every morning.

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