Never Late, Never Away Chapter 3370

Chapter 3370 Another Promise

“I see what this is. You’re all helping Megan, aren’t you? When I get out of here, I’ll make every one of you pay for this!”

Jacinta did not want to know how many votes Megan had. Anger had already taken over her entire body, causing her heartbeat to increase with it. Right then, she felt like she was going to explode at any second.

She’s nothing but a country bumpkin. How dare she act so arrogant in front of me? She even incited everyone else to boycott me? She’s such a despicable b*tch! B*tch!

As Pierce surveyed Jacinta’s contorted features from the side, his impression of her took a complete nosedive. Who does she think she is to say something like that on my territory?

She’s openly challenging me by acting this way.

He cleared his throat unhappily and spoke in an icy tone. “Jacinta, instead of threatening others, you’re better off reflecting on yourself. Besides, how dare you talk big while I’m sitting right here? You must be too used to throwing your weight around, huh?”

“I…” Jacinta fumbled for words after being lambasted by Pierce. In the end, she swallowed back the words at the tip of her tongue, then abruptly shot a withering stare at Megan.

It looks like I won’t be getting my revenge here today. This old fool, Pierce Hughes, is protecting Megan while subduing me at every turn!

But it doesn’t really matter. I only have to bear with this for a few more days. This b*tch better not get caught by me because I won’t let her off the hook that easily!

Without saying another word, Jacinta gritted her teeth bitterly and signaled for the boss to open the door. Then, she stomped away and left the premises.

With the source of the problem gone, everyone breathed a sigh of relief. When Megan and Pierce locked gazes, they were surprised to see the same exasperated look in each other’s eyes.

“It seems like you’re very experienced in dealing with people like her.” Pierce took a sip of his drink as his eyes flickered with interest. At that moment, he began to see Megan in a different light. Be it as a person or an actress, he found her to be very similar to the old acquaintance he held dear in his heart.

Megan laughed awkwardly at being praised for having experience in something like this. Fiddling with her hair, she replied, “I’m not gonna lie. I really am experienced in this. The feud between Jacinta and I runs too deep.”

Not wanting to hide anything, Megan answered frankly. Releasing a soft chuckle, Pierce shook his head and stood up to pat Megan on her shoulder. “It’s a good thing to be young and energetic. You can eat whatever you like and fight with whoever you want. Anyway, I’ll help you keep an eye out for a role in The Royal Wife. I’ll get going now. You don’t need to send me off.”

What Pierce said left Megan standing rooted to the spot with disbelief sprawled across her face. She blinked several times and was about to say something, but realized that Pierce had already walked away.

She shuffled two steps forward, but Pierce’s back profile displayed a strong sense of dismissal. Hence, she had to force herself to stop in her tracks.

She still couldn’t figure out what she had done to earn yet another promise from him. From what she could see, she had merely picked a fight out of boredom.

Unable to figure out the renowned director’s angle, Megan gave up trying altogether. She hailed a taxi and hurried back to Jake’s apartment with questions still plaguing her mind.

As soon as she opened the door, an unusual smell invaded her senses. Just when she peered inside, the lights in the living room abruptly came on, chasing away the darkness and revealing Jake’s stony face.

“Where have you been?”

His frigid tone left Megan slightly perplexed. The man in front of her was brightly illuminated by the lights, but his dark and frightening aura seemed oddly impenetrable.

Did I do something to upset him?

Megan averted her gaze to shut the door behind her, then timidly walked toward him. “I ran into Mr. Hughes on the way, so we had a meal together. Why are you wearing so little? Your fever hasn’t even gone down completely.”

Hearing this, Jake’s gaze softened a fraction. He curled an arm around Megan’s shoulders and lifted her chin with his other hand.

In a slightly accusatory tone, he said, “Why did you eat for so long? You didn’t forget about me, did you? I came back to wait for you right after my meeting, you know?”

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