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At this time, Chase Lucas was simply shedding crocodile tears by calling Fallon Ballantine.

It was not only Alex Cohen who believed this. Fallon additionally thought that the strange things that took place in Harrods Corp’s shop lately might be related to Chase.

Fallon was a woman, she had her daddy, Zen Ballantine’s boldness. She straight claimed right into the phone, “Chase Lucas! I recognize you still have your sights on Harrods Corp.

If you would certainly use correct approaches, even if you wind up taking the company from me, I won’t hold a grudge against you, yet will respect you as a capable individual. If you utilize underhanded means, then I’m sorry, I ‘d instead die than generate!

I’ll fight you till completion! The business world is like a combat zone. Triumph and also loss prevail, so what exists to be terrified of? I’ll drag you down with me!”
Unlike Fallon’s simple attitude, a huge man like Chase was much more gentle.

” Supervisor Ballantine, you can not state that. You didn’t even thank me as well as from what you said, you seem to think that I’m the offender?

” Ha! Chase Lucas, when I have the proof, I will not keep this perspective in the direction of you.”.

” Fallon Ballantine, since you do not appreciate my generosity, let me make it clear. If you desired to resolve this on your own … even if you obtain Alex Cohen to help, I can guarantee that you will not be able to solve it! If you don’t think me, let’s simply wait and also see.

” You simply stated you called me as quickly as you got the information. Now you’re stating that you’re aware of what occurred in the past couple of days.

” Penalty, you as well as I have actually both made our position clear, so let’s leave it at that. I advise you to take into consideration meticulously and enjoy yourself.”.

Chase was called out by Fallon as well as undoubtedly felt a little guilty, so he hung up the phone emphatically after he ended up.

The typically cautious Chase additionally had a time when he shed his ground.

Fallon put down her phone, blurt a sigh, and also looked very powerless as she claimed to Alex, “At first I was simply suspicious of Chase Lucas, however his call directly confirmed my suspicions. Paying attention to his tone, that confidence … Urgh! I hesitate this hurdle won’t be easy to pass.”.

Alex rubbed his chin as well as thought about it, after that claimed, “If my guess is right, Chase should have some items in his hand that he obtained from Isaac Litt that he really did not have time to offer, so currently he’s using them to damage your business.

After Isaac was removed, nobody else in the city however Chase can still secure a lot of banned drugs. The secret is to find the evidence that can validate this …”.

” Mr. Cohen, do you have any kind of recommendations?”.

” We could need to obtain Sir G’s aid once more …”.

She gently responded as well as said, “Last time, Mr. Young claimed that he ‘d planted spies in Chase’s camp. We must ask the sources to assist discover the proof of Chase’s configuration, which is a lot less complicated than us examining from the outside.”.

” Let’s not lose time then. I’ll speak to Sir G today!”.

Alex quickly called Artilleryman Young and also made a visit to have lunch with each other at twelve noon.

This matter was additionally counted as Alex requesting a personal support from Artilleryman, so they did not require to pay him.

Nevertheless, Fallon was too embarrassed to bother Gunner and particularly prepared a sealed envelope consisting of a $2 million check. The practice of investing cash to get rid of problems was extremely typical in the business globe.

At the table, Gunner reluctantly accepted Fallon’s secured envelope under Alex’s persuasion. After he understood the situation, he contemplated for some time as well as gradually claimed, “Chase Lucas is a very cautious individual.

If he dared to call Manager Ballantine in this way and also said such resolute words, it indicates that he has absolute certainty that you won’t be able to discover proof. Even if I take the chance of subjecting my spies to check out the issue, it might not also be successful. To be risk-free, you’ll need to act also.”.

Alex nodded and said, “Sir G, what should we do? Please enlighten us.”.

” I haven’t believed of a good method. Generally, we’ll simply catch those people included and question them effectively. Yet if we can simply obtain our responses like that, then Chase would certainly not dare to be so careless …”.

” Okay. Whether it’ll be successful or otherwise, we still have to give it a try. Suppose it functions?”.

” Okay.”.

Gunner nodded, took a sip of tea, after that suddenly recalled something.

Alex, I’ve arranged for somebody to investigate Leo’s identity. Absolutely nothing might be found in the city, however a pal from out of town had heard me mention Leo’s name accidentally when before.

Alex’s rate of interest piqued and asked, “Exactly how?”.

” Have you ever heard of the name Keon Wells?”.

” No … I don’t understand many individuals, as well as definitely not one that has the last name, Wells.”.

Alex attempted to think hard as well as did not recall such a person in his memory.

Fallon, who was resting alongside him, instantly frowned and claimed with alarm system, “I slightly remember that my father had once mentioned the name Keon Wells. Is he a big drug lord?”.

Gunner Young nodded and also responded, “Yup, he’s one of the large medicine lords in our country’s Southwestern area.

Nevertheless, extremely couple of people in the area have actually listened to the name of Keon Wells since a lot of those who understand him, just understand his pen names ‘Sir K’. In that circle, Sir K is an extremely famous name. The cops have actually long placed a bounty on him.

The bounty started from $1 million and also has actually enhanced to $10 million. As soon as there’s a high benefit, many would certainly want to take the danger and capture him to gather the bounty, yet until now, he’s still at large. Just based upon this, we understand just how effective and also shrewd he is.”.

Alex had a basic understanding of Keon Wells as well as asked blankly, “Sir G, is it feasible that Leo is in fact …”.

” According to my friend, Keon Wells has a right-hand man called Pete Leonardo that he had elevated as a godson. In their circle, he’s thought about a climbing celebrity, so he’s also fairly well-known.

Outsiders called him Pete, but people who are close to him called him Leo. Yet, he’s most likely one of the most powerful ‘Leo’ I have actually ever fulfilled and also one of the most ideal candidate to be Chase’s mystical assistant.”.

” You mean that Chase is involved with the medicine lord, Keon Wells?”.

Fairly speaking, Chase’s value compared to Isaac Litt is a little bit greater. That’s since Chase controls a gang that should not be taken too lightly.

” If that’s really the case, after that Chase has really reached for the stars … No surprise he’s instantly become so high profile.”
Alex might not assist yet obtain a little stressful.

Fallon’s face was likewise very depressed compared to Alex’s.

Gunner appeared to be the most unwinded of the 3 and comforted them.

” Also if Keon Wells is a bully, he just has one life. What’s more, at the minute we’re not up versus Keon Wells, just one of his guys.

Alex pondered for some time, then emphatically claimed, “We can’t be afraid of Leo just because he might have a significant backer. Let’s simply proceed doing what we need to …”.

Prior to they completed their meal, Fallon got a telephone call from the business’s head office claiming that Harvey Simpson had actually shown up.

Even if this was simply a rule, it must also be effectively checked out. Alex, considering that Fallon was not familiar with Harvey, was ready to go back to the head office of the Harrods Corp with her to meet with Harvey.

On their way back, Fallon obtained one more call. The person on the other end of the call claimed that something happened at the hotel.

Fallon instantly worried since Lianna was firing a promotional ad at the resort.

Alex also panicked due to the fact that Isla was also at the shooting website …

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