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When Alex Cohen as well as his team returned to the borders of Quill City, it was currently after 9:00 pm.

Large Ken pulled the auto over, indicated the crossway in front of them, and also said to Alex, “We’re about to divide with Sir G.”

Alex nodded, signed a $2 million check, then got out of the vehicle and also strolled to Gunner Young’s auto to turn over the check.

When Chase Lucas is captured, we’ll order a drink once again. It seems that a few of your men are harmed, so just take this cash initially for their injuries and please get some cigarettes for them and also yourself too.

Artilleryman frowned and claimed, “Check out you, treating me like an unfamiliar person. I took the initiative ahead, so exactly how can I take your money?”

” Last time when you gave me and also Manager Ballantine suggestions, really did not you claim that all accounts must be made clear? Today you’ve done me a great support, so I should reveal my gratitude, right? Sir G, if you don’t take this cash, just how can I ever before ask you for assistance in the future?”

” Take a look at you, you just have to be so polite. Okay then, I’ll approve it. Incidentally … I simply called the informant in Chase’s camp. For the time being, we don’t understand where Chase has gone into hiding, but he’s beginning to examine from the within. I’ll inform you as soon as there’s any news.”

” Okay, Sir G. It’s getting late, so allow’s go our different means now.”

Alex drank hands with Gunner and also just turned around when he was blinded by a bright light.

Damn those high-beams!

Equally as Alex covered his eyes as well as secretly complained concerning those drivers who liked to drive with high-beams on, Big Ken, who was standing guard by the vehicle, recognized that something was wrong.

The one that drove with high-beams was a van. At the road near the junction, the van constantly transformed lanes illegally and drove straight towards them.

Big Ken instantaneously became cautious and looked at the van with wide eyes.

Suddenly, he saw that numerous gun barrels were sticking out of the van’s home windows.

Huge Ken was horrified as well as hurried over to Alex while he shouted, “There are shooters! Quickly, take cover!”

He simply finished his sentence when the van hurried to them and also instantly, there was intense shooting.

The 7.62 mm caliber automatic rifle, which was popular worldwide, had a rate of fire of approximately 600 rounds per min. If they stood in area, they would develop into a colander within a short time!

Although in practice, due to the restricted capability of the magazine, it was difficult to continually strafe for a whole min, however simply a couple of dozen rounds of bullets were enough to kill somebody.

Alex did not dare to be reckless. After he heard Huge Ken’s alert, he changed his direction as well as ran in the direction of the void between the Lavida and the lorry behind it, responding promptly.

Alex was still fired, with two bullets hitting his back and also waist. With the drive of the bullets, he staggered forward. Immediately later, Large Ken came over like a starving tiger catching its target.

Huge Ken pressed him to the ground and secured him with his body, protecting against Alex from obtaining shot in the second round.

Alex had not taken off his bulletproof vest as well as the bullets were obstructed.

Even so, the effect of the bullets still injured. If he was shot in the chest, even with the bulletproof vest, his ribs were most likely to be broken by the influence.

Right now, he was in pain and also was out of breath.

Big Ken was additionally shot several times at his side and also back, however his body was tough as well as his pain tolerance was additionally numerous levels more than Alex.

Big Ken appeared like nothing had taken place as he dragged Alex to the Lavida and also said in a deep voice, “Young Master, the body and windows are bulletproof, so simply lie below as well as do not relocate!”

After he said that, without awaiting Alex’s action, Big Ken pulled open the rear door of the Lavida and dragged out the sniper rifle that had actually not been dismantled.

He took a deep breath, stood up abruptly, set the sniper rifle on the body of the cars and truck, as well as discharged a couple of chance ats the van as if it was a gatling gun.

With Big Ken’s marksmanship, at a distance of fewer than 10 meters, he did not have to intentionally target at the van when he shot the sniper rifle and can still strike the target with accuracy.

The van was constructed from poor quality steel, which could not withstand the sniper gun blast.

With numerous consecutive surges, the van was blown up open and also might no more drive away.

Big Ken did not even trouble to capture his breath, instantly filled the sniper rifle with bullets, leaned down to purpose, after that shot once again. An arm that was holding an AK-47 out of the van promptly barged in half. Half of the arm along with the AK-47 was up to the ground at once.

At the same time, the audio of shooting concerned a sudden end as the noise of wailing begun.

The people in the van were stunned.

Although AK-47’s were notorious for being deadly, they were not worth stating compared to large-caliber sniper rifles.

The power of the bullet from the sniper rifle Large Ken used resembled that of a tiny bomb!

Individuals on Gunner’s side all took the opportunity to get out of the car and concealed alongside the cars and truck. Amongst them, several were wounded.

They all wore bulletproof vests today, they were low-end goods that Gunner got from the black market and also absolutely were not equivalent to the military-grade bulletproof vests used by Alex as well as Big Ken. The important things that stopped bullets was not high quality, however good luck.

The bullets passed through glass and iron and counter part of the impact, however still, 2 individuals that were remaining on the edge were shot through their armor.

Thankfully, at that time, they had actually done a great job of instinctive defense, so they were not hit fatally and their wound was not really deep as well as not life-threatening …

Alex rested for a moment and also really felt that the discomfort had diminished a little. He obtained made use of to it then climbed up as well as secured a gun from the auto. He came near Big Ken and also said softly, “Cover me, I’ll go over to check it out!”

” There’s no hurry. They can not flee anyhow. Young Master, you must call Captain Simpson initially.”

” Okay.”.

Alex instantly got his phone and dialed Harvey Simpson’s number to educate him of the situation over here.

Huge Ken, that was still holding the sniper rifle, mosted likely to the automobile nearest to the van and also once again elevated the weapon. He shouted to the van, “Listen up! If you don’t want to come to be mush, get out of the car and also toss the weapons over!”.

There was still no activity after a few seconds.

Huge Ken fired one more shot. The bullet punctured with the metal front door of the van and turned the control panel to dust.

Finally, individuals in the van can not stand it any type of longer and fast got out of the vehicle while they tossed their guns over. Along with the one with the busted arm, two other people were injured when Large Ken fired the van earlier, as well as neither was a minor injury. Among them had an open hole in his appropriate calf bone, while the other had a significant bloody cut on the side of his waistline.

If they did not seek clinical attention in time, these 3 seriously damaged individuals might die from blood loss.

Under the shock of the sniper rifle, the opponents produced.

A few of Artilleryman’s men picked up the weapons, very carefully went over, as well as took control of all 7 of the challengers. They collected them to the side of the road under a street light.

Alex had finished his phone call, took a deep breath, then walked up with his weapon to among his opponents depending on the much side. He then questioned in an aggressive voice, “That sent you below? Keep in mind, you’ll just have one chance!”.

The man frowned and looked at Alex with a dangerous glare without saying a word.


Alex elevated his hand as well as fired the male’s ideal leg. He did not even look at the male again, moved a little action sidewards and also faced an opponent with a buzz cut.

The buzzcut man was so nervous that he was sweating profusely as well as will sob. He did not wait for Alex to end up as well as excitedly said, “It’s Chase … Chase Lucas sent us right here.”.

” Excellent! What’s the goal you received?”.

” Chase Lucas understands that you’ve mosted likely to Mallow Town as well as this is your route back to the city, so he asked us to remain guard right here. He primarily intended to kill you and also Gunner … Devil Lord. He likewise stated that it’s best if we can kill any individual who’s with you two and also not leave any kind of survivors.”.

” Chase is at completion of his rope, so it’s understandable he’ll be this insane, yet you people? Just how attempt you actually devote murder?”.

” I. we also have no choice. Chase claimed that if we dare to disobey orders, he’ll eliminate our entire family.”.

Alex heard this, after that eyed Big Ken and also Gunner specifically prior to he proceeded, “Last inquiry, where is Chase Lucas?”.

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