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Alex Cohen quickly thought of something and said, “But Sir G, the men that ambushed us last night said that Chase Lucas only came out of the basement after he knew that we went to Mallow Village. Also, we were following Leo and didn’t see Chase with him…”

“I’ve also thought of it. According to my understanding, it should be like this…”

Gunner Young lit a cigarette and slowly analyzed the problem.

“Chase Lucas didn’t think of going to Mallow village initially, but when you went, he probably made the last-minute decision. The way he sees it, it’s your fault that he ended up like this, so he wants to seek revenge. But since he doesn’t have the capability for it, he wants to see Leo avenging him with his own eyes. After he followed us to the Mallow Village, he didn’t dare to show his face publicly. But I’m sure he was secretly watching the whole battle between us and Leo. Later when Leo was defeated, he did not want to expose himself even more.”

“Now that you’ve mentioned it, I remembered something! Yesterday evening when we left the village, I saw an MPV parked in the forest not far from the village entrance. I thought it was one of the cars Leo brought, so I didn’t think much of it. Now I think that’s probably Chase’s!”

“So yeah, we missed the best opportunity to catch him. In the end, we lost this chance because we didn’t get the information in time. If we had known of his whereabouts yesterday, we would have caught him already. But now it’s too late for anything, we have to start from scratch to look for him ”

Alex nodded and immediately took out his phone to call Zeke Martin, asking him to keep an eye on the MPV.

Zeke, who was eating breakfast at home, immediately hung up the phone and stopped eating. He left the house and searched the village inch-by-inch with his eagle eyes. He was about to complete his first round of search and return to the starting point when he suddenly found a suspicious target.

Just a few dozen meters away from his house, there was a black MPV parked next to Uncle Ferris’ house. It was an imported model worth more than half a million dollars, so it was not something Uncle Ferris could afford, nor did he hear of anyone in the village buying such a nice car.

Zeke Martin instantly raised his alertness and cautiously went over…

At this time, Uncle Ferris’ house was surprisingly quiet with its main door shut.

It was time to eat breakfast, but there seemed to be no one cooking at Uncle Ferris’ house. The old man and his partner did not have an appetite due to the current situation they were in. Both of them were kneeling in the middle of the living room with their hands tied behind their back. Standing in front of them were three young men in their 20s and 30s. There was also a wheelchair 3 meters away from the table.

The one sitting in the wheelchair was none other than Chase Lucas!

Last night, Chase was indeed at the village, but he had spent the night in the car and did not sleep a wink. He spent the whole night waiting for Francis Cohen and Aaron Lindstrom to come back, but still did not see them at the end. Chase lost his patience and by the morning and sent his men to inquire about Alex’s relationships in the village.

He learned that Alex had the best relationship with Sam Martin’s family, so he conspired to capture them.

However, Franklin Cohen mentioned that Sam Martin’s son was back. He was known to be very strong, so he would not be easy to deal with.

To be on the safe side, Chase ended up not going to Sam’s house. With the assistance of Franklin Cohen, he managed to break into Ferris’ house and restrained the old couple without much effort. After this matter was done, Franklin retreated and left in a hurry.

In order to take revenge on Alex, the father-daughter pair, Franklin and Junette Cohen, ignored their conscience.

Leo and Chase took advantage of this point to create more trouble for Alex.

When Chase saw that everything was ready, he called Alex and asked slyly, “Can I add you on WhatsApp?”

At the moment, Chase was using an illegally obtained number without registering his real name to ensure it would not be tracked.

Alex did not know who was calling him, but once he heard the voice on the other side of the call, he instantly figured it out.

“Chase Lucas?”

“It sounds like you’re surprised…”

“You have the courage to call me? Where are you? Why are you calling me?”

“Didn’t I just tell you I’d like to add you on Whatsapp? You better see to it quickly…”

After Chase said this, he hung up the phone, added Alex on WhatsApp, then immediately video called him. He propped up the phone on the table so that the camera was facing Ferris and his wife.

Alex was still in the car at the time he received the call. When he saw the familiar faces on the screen, he was shaken and internally panicked.

“Chase Lucas, what are you doing? You’re committing a serious crime. If you turn yourself in now, you may be able to lessen your sentence. But if you continue to commit crimes, I can guarantee that your life will be over!”

“Ha! My life has already been ruined by you! So now it’s my turn to ruin yours!”

“Don’t you want to seek revenge on me? Come at me if you have the guts! You’re in my village, aren’t you? I’ll go there now.”

“Cut the crap! Alex Cohen, you always like to f*cking meddle in things that have nothing to do with you, don’t you? Now that this concerns you, will you butt in too? I heard that you have a pretty good relationship with the people in the village, so now it’s time to test how much you care about them…”

“Chase Lucas! What exactly do you want?”

“You have one choice…”

Chase ordered one of his men to take out a pistol with a silencer, then aimed it at Ferris’ right arm and continued, “You can choose between this old man’s right arm or your own. You have five seconds to think about it. Either you break your own arm, or I’ll shoot his!”


Old Ferris’ mouth was gagged and could not say a word. He was so anxious that he sweated profusely.

Alex and Chase were so agitated that they could do anything without the slightest hesitation. Just when Alex was ready to agree to the deal, Gunner Young, who was still sitting next to Alex, pressed on his shoulder and gruffly reminded him.

“Mr. Cohen, don’t be impulsive. Now’s not…”


As Gunner said this, five seconds quietly passed by.

Chase did not hesitate for another second and directly ordered his man to shoot.

“Alex, it seems you don’t care very much about these village folks. Next, you’ll face an even more severe test. If you’re willing to make sacrifices, you just lose one arm, but if you’re not willing to do that, then this old guy will lose his life.”

As soon as he said this, the man holding the gun put the gun barrel against old Ferris’ head.


Alex panicked and despite the objections of Gunner and Big Ken, he took out a gun and put it against his right arm then said, “It’s just an arm, so what if I lose it?”


Just when Alex was ready to shoot, the sound of gunfire transmitted through the phone. The sound of gunfire without a silencer went off.

The shooter was not one of Chase’s men, but Zeke Martin, who had climbed over the wall and entered the house.

Zeke had collected four pistols from last night’s fight, but he only handed over three to Harvey Simpson and kept one for himself. He did not expect that it would come in handy so soon. His marksmanship was excellent. Even when using a weapon with low precision like the pistol, he was still able to accurately hit the gunman’s right shoulder.

“Don’t move! No one moves!”

Zeke raised his gun while he walked into the house. When he saw that the other two thugs were about to pull out their guns, he immediately fired two shots, hitting them in the shoulder and arm respectively. He rushed in aiming his gun back and forth with both hands between the three thugs’ heads. He said in an unquestionable tone, “Anyone who doesn’t want to die, throw the gun over!”

The three thugs who were covering their wounds stared unmovingly at Zeke and did not utter a word.


Zeke fired another shot, hitting one of them in the gut. The man shot by Zeke fell directly into a pool of blood.

The remaining two saw the scene unfold and their psychological defense broke. They no longer cared about the pain and threw their guns to Zeke’s feet.

Zeke forced the two men back and switched his gun to one hand while his other hand worked quickly to untie the old couple. He quickly picked up the thugs’ guns and asked old Ferris and his wife to arm themselves. He also shouted, “Quickly, go call for help!”

After he said that, Zeke turned around and aimed his gun at Chase. To his surprise, he saw that Chase had taken out a bomb!

Chase’s face turned ashen as he stared at Zeke, but he suddenly grinned and said, “Go to hell!”

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