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When Mohawk and the others heard this, anger immediately surged in their hearts.

The six women did not move, but the five men quickly rushed forward to surround Alex and Big Ken.

Macy Falks had called these eleven people and used half a month’s salary from her pockets to first enjoy a big meal together before they went to sing.

On the surface, it was just a gathering of friends, but in essence, it was a celebration party. They were all members of the Exo Quirke Fanclub she led, and they were celebrating the death of Chief Judge Whitman and Alex Cohen’s arrest.

However, she had assumed too much; things did not go as smoothly as she expected.

Chief Judge Whitman was dead, but Alex Cohen had not been arrested.

Fortunately, Alex appeared in front of them, so the opportunity to take revenge and relieve their hatred arrived just like that…

Macy Falks walked up to Mohawk confidently and said coldly to Alex, “I’ve specially investigated you. I know that you’re a big shot, but so what? You’re still like us. Don’t you still have to be responsible for what you did? You caused Exo so much suffering, so now your retribution has come!”

Once again, Alex did a sweeping gaze at the people across from him, and he said to Macy, “If my guess is correct, you’re all part of that so-called Exo Quirke Fanclub, right?”

“What if we are and what if we aren’t?”

“Do you remember that time at the hotel, when Exo Quirke knelt down to me and begged for mercy, I said that if his fans were all as brain-dead as you, I wouldn’t mind destroying your entire group. Back then, I said that to show you what I thought because I thought that it was already quite strange to have a brain-dead fan like you and there wouldn’t be a second.

Today, I realized that I was wrong — very, very wrong. Macy Falks, now that Exo Quirke is in jail, the fanclub has no more reason to exist. You should just change the name to Blockhead Concentration Camp.”

“You… Alex Cohen, I can’t be bothered to talk bullsh*t with you. Just answer my questions honestly. What did Exo ever do to you? Why did you cause him so much harm? How did you find me and how do you know my name?”

Macy Falks was scolded by Alex until she was at a loss of words, so she could only change the subject. She had also realized something strange that she should have thought of long ago. Just now, she was merely confused about Alex not being arrested, but there might be a less obvious but very serious problem.

Since Alex had called her out by name, it indicated that an investigation had been done on her. Furthermore, he came specifically to her to settle a personal grudge.

Could it be that her set-up of Alex Cohen was exposed?

Would that not mean that the matter of her blowing up Chief Judge Whitman might also be exposed?

If that was the case, then it was necessary to silence Alex Cohen. She must not let Alex inform the police.

Only the dead would be able to keep tight-lipped on a secret.

Suddenly, another layer of personal hatred formed between Alex and her, in which an intent to kill Alex welled up in her heart…

Alex saw Macy’s expression change but he did not care in the slightest. Instead, he said slowly, “Do I need a reason to report a scum like Exo Quirke? Only an idiot would protect him. Any normal person would make the same choice as me. As for you… you’re so outstandingly stupid. How hard would it be to find you?


Macy Falks’s teeth ground in anger.

Mohawk was also flushed with anger as he grabbed an empty wine bottle and said to Macy, “There’s no need to talk nonsense with him. Just take him down!”

Alex knew that if he wanted to settle his score with Macy Falks, he would have to take care of everyone else first. With that, he took out the retractable baton from his trouser pocket but did not extend it yet.

Instead, he played with it as he said to Mohawk, “A bunch of little shrimps like you want to take me down? You’re just like Macy Falks. You’re so stupid that you’re in another realm altogether.”

“Kid, where the hell did you get your guts? Are you even sure you know the situation you’re in? You only brought one person, but we have eleven people on our side.

How do you expect to fight us? Secondly, you’re the one who took the initiative to come here today. Even if this escalates to a big scene, we won’t be the ones at fault! In short, don’t even think of leaving here on your own two feet today!”

“If you don’t believe me, then go ahead and try!”

“Fine! Do you think I’m afraid of you? My brothers, let’s go!”

Waving his hand, Mohawk and his four male companions launched an attack on Alex and Big Ken.

Ever since Alex had gotten the baton, he had played and practiced with it many times, but he had not fought with it yet. Now, he finally had the chance to test his combat abilities with the weapon he had at his disposal, he would not hold back against idiots like Mohawk. Hence, he went in with his full strength from the beginning.

With a loud ‘bang’, Alex used the baton to smash the red wing bottle in Mohawk’s hand and this officiated a large brawl.

None of the five opponents were empty-handed as they all were holding bottles as weapons.

Meanwhile, Alex held the baton. Although it was a blunt weapon, he had a great advantage in fighting capacity and experience, so he still performed with ease when faced with multiple opponents.

Although Big Ken was bare-handed and had no intention of using a weapon, he was not disadvantaged in the slightest.

In less than a minute, Mohawk and the four others were overwhelmed and beaten back.

Although Macy Falks was an idiot, she could evaluate the scene of the situation, and her confidence was crushed by the harsh reality.

Upon realizing that things were looking bad for them, she went to her female companions and pressed against the wall as she carefully felt her way out. As the old saying went, it was never too late for a person to take revenge.

The most important thing was to protect oneself first.

When Alex and Big Ken were about to end the fight, Macy had managed to reach the door. She then pulled open the door and was about to run out wildly before she bumped into someone after taking just two steps.

Steadying her body and looking forward, she saw that there were more than ten young men standing in a line at the door — six security guards, four waiters, and the manager.

Macy recognized the manager and was immediately overjoyed. “Manager, you’re just in time! Someone came to our private room looking for trouble.

Not only were they unreasonable, but they also injured some of my friends. You should go in and take a look. There are two people. You can’t let them get away! They must be arrested and dealt with seriously!”

The manager just glanced at Macy Falks coldly before turning to his subordinates and said, ”Did you hear what she said? Don’t let a single one of them get away. They must all be arrested and dealt with seriously!”


After the security guards and waiters answered in unison, they immediately pounced.

One by one, they restrained Macy Falks and the other five girls.

Macy was stunned. “Manager, you… Are you mistaken? It’s not us who caused trouble, but the two men inside. Why are you capturing us?”


The manager spat out the word and then he rushed into the private room with four security guards.

Seeing that the fight in the room was over and their help was not needed, the manager had his subordinates take Macy Falks and the others in…

Alex had long noticed Macy trying to escape but he knew that there were people guarding outside, so he ignored her.

The five men including Mohawk were all beaten up to the point where they could not get up, and the six women including Macy Falks had all been captured.

Relieved that all of them were restrained, Alex put his baton away. He then sat down on the sofa, opening a new can of beer, and gulped it down which moistened his dry throat before he said to Mohawk, “You guessed the beginning but not the end, huh?”

“Hump! Cohen, don’t be complacent. We’re not finished yet. Just you wait!”

One of Mohawk’s hands had been crippled, and he lost sensation in one of his legs because of a strike by the baton.

However, he still had not realized what kind of person he had offended. He looked so unafraid that it was comical.

Shrugging his shoulders, Alex ignored Mohawk and said to the manager, “I want to talk to Macy Falks alone. Manager, please arrange another private room for the others. They’re all ‘honored guests’ of Captain Pannell, so be sure to treat them well. All expenses and consequences for today are on me.”

“Thank you, Mr. Cohen!”

With a wave of his hand, the manager immediately had his subordinates drag the others to a private room and kept them under strict supervision.

Once Big Ken had brought Macy Falks over to Alex, Alex said slowly, “The driver you called has already been captured by the head of the city’s Crime Investigation Department. The driver has confessed and your arrest warrant should have been approved. Captain Pannell might even be on his way here to arrest you as we speak.”

Macy’s heart fluttered violently. The malicious words that were at the edge of her mouth were swallowed back. After contemplating for a few seconds, she pretended to be confused as she asked, “What driver? What Captain Pannell?”

“You’re really unbelievably foolish. Are you still planning to play dumb at this point in time? Macy Falks, the police and I have already determined that you’re the person who detonated the bomb. We also know that the bombing was caused by the joint efforts of the fanclub you lead.

So whether you admit it or not, you’re already a murderer in our eyes. The reason why I came to you before Captain Pannell arrives to arrest you is to ask about a situation and give you a chance.”

“What… What are you trying to say?”

“The bombing was created by that fanclub of yours, there’s no doubt about that. However, in my opinion, with just you people, even if you can think of this ploy, you don’t have the means to carry it out. Putting aside everything else, a bomb is something you bunch of idiots have absolutely no way of making.

Tell me, besides you halfwits, who else was involved in the bombing? Or maybe I should say… Who was the mastermind behind this?”

“How is this possible?”

Macy was completely dumbfounded.

How could something she thought she had seamlessly performed be completely exposed so quickly?

Alex paused before he continued, “Macy Falks, the mastermind behind this should either be Jared Xavier or Henry Doyle, right?”

When Macy Falks heard this, her body started to tremble while her eyes widened and she stared at Alex in horror.

As a young adult, she was a woman who had not seen much of the world. Besides the flaw in her IQ, her mental capacity was also very lacking. Alex had not moved on to torture yet, but her face had already gone white with fright. All the thoughts in her head were reflected in her facial expressions.

Through subtle observation, Alex had already confirmed his suspicions.

Even if there were two candidates, he still needed to make a final confirmation.

Jared Xavier did not want Chief Judge Whitman to help Alex collect the debt, and Henry Doyle was unwilling to let Exo Quirke go down — both had a motive to attack Chief Judge Whitman and frame Alex for it. Moreover, with Jared Xavier and Henry Doyle’s power, it would not be hard to get a bomb.

Though the problem now was that Macy Falks seemed to have broken down. She could not say anything.

Just as Alex hesitated on whether to let Big Ken torture her, the sounds of sirens came from outside.

Then, Alex’s phone rang. It was a call from Captain Pannell.

It turned out that Captain Pannell had also found Macy Falks’s location through special means. He was on his way to arrest Macy, but he had the police officers that were patrolling nearby come over in advance.

Alex used the excuse of ‘inadvertently encountering Macy Falks and hadn’t the time to report it’ to brush off the matter of him finding Macy first. There was no time to continue the interrogation, so he hung up the phone and handed all eleven people, including Macy Falks, to the police officers who were sent by Captain Pannell. Then, he left the KTV.

It was almost twelve when Alex returned to the villa and found that the lights on the second floor were still on.

Greeting Alex at the door, Isla was wearing a set of cute pink pajamas. When she saw that Alex was dirty, she asked in annoyance, “You’re recovering from a serious injury and should be resting, but you insist on busying yourself and you don’t even say a word even though it’s so late. Did you get into another fight?”

Alex scratched his head and responded, “I’ve fully recovered so don’t worry. It’s getting late, so go rest now.”

Isla shook her head and said seriously, “Alex, I have something to ask you…”

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