Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 180

Alex Cohen was sure that he had never met Kayson Tannin before. He had only heard of him earlier today for the first time.

However, the feeling of familiarity was getting stronger. This feeling was very accurate, especially in recognizing people, which was previously proven.

Prompted by curiosity, Alex searched his brain like a computer and compared Kayson Tannin’s face with the people he knew in his memory bank. Soon, he matched it with a person he was not very familiar with and quickly asked Seth, “Is Kayson Tannin related to Delmont Tannin, the CEO of Sincere Co.? Are they brothers by any chance?”

Seth responded, “Yes, they’re twins! The two brothers look identical and people who aren’t familiar with them will find it hard to distinguish them at a glance. Mr. Cohen, have you met Delmont Tannin?”

“No. I’ve only met his son, Arthur Tannin. I felt that Kayson’s face resembled Arthur’s, and on second thought, Kayson also had the last name, so I confirmed it with you. Since they’re brothers, Kayson can be considered half an acquaintance to me. I didn’t expect that after a big detour, I’ve met yet another acquaintance…”

After hearing this, Seth could not help but said in awe, “Mr. Cohen, your ability to recognize people is truly amazing!”

Alex waved his hand and saw that Kayson had already come over, so he did not dwell on the topic with Seth.

The fat man, supported by two companions, quickly greeted Kayson, adding more flare while describing the incident. He then pointed at Alex, clenched his teeth, and added, “It was his fault in the first place, yet he still beat us up! Mr. Kayson, you’ve got to fight for us!”


Kayson gave the fat man a fierce glare and said coldly, “There are only six of them in total, while there are more than ten of you. You lost when you had an absolute advantage in numbers, yet you still have the f*cking face to ask me to fight for you? Your loss of reputation is secondary, but you f*cking disgraced me! If this thing gets out, people will think that I hired a bunch of losers!”

“No wait…Mr. Kayson, it’s not that we’re incompetent, but they’re just too good.”

“What does it matter? Disgrace is disgrace. You’re still f*cking looking for excuses? Do you still want to work for me?”

“Yes, yes, yes…Mr. Kayson, I was wrong.”

The fat man was already holding back his rage and he was even dissed by Kayson, so he felt even more suffocated. Even so, he did not dare to show it. He only secretly refuted in his heart, ‘If you felt disgraced, do you think I don’t want respect? I already told you that they’re powerful but you don’t believe me. Then why don’t you fight them? I’d like to see how f*cked you’ll be!’

He secretly vented, then went to the side with the other wounded, ready to watch the show.

Although Kayson was scolding the fat man, he could not completely ignore this matter. However, he was not thinking of avenging the fat man to relieve his hatred. Kayson just wanted to get his reputation back. After all, this fight happened on his territory and his men were also beaten.

One should always look at who they were offending.

If their underling was bullied, the boss would be disgraced!

Kayson rushed in front of Alex with fury and scrutinized him. When Kayson realized that Alex did not look familiar, he asked in a deep voice, “Who are you people? Why are you making a fuss here? Let me just tell you that I don’t like repeating myself. You have one chance to explain the situation. Once you miss this opportunity, I don’t care who you are, you’ll have to pay the price for what happened today by tenfold or a hundredfold!”

Alex looked around and roughly counted that Kayson brought more than ten people with him. Together with the first group that could barely fight, the six of them were now surrounded by close to twenty opponents. Moreover, the new arrivals seemed like they were all professional fighters. Visually, their combat strength was a bit higher than the previous batch of the amusement park staff.

Nonetheless, Alex was still not intimidated and said to Kayson calmly, “No wonder you didn’t contact me after you captured Symore. It turns out you don’t even know me. Kayson Tannin, since you’re not aware, you’re not to blame. I can also give you one chance, as long as you…”

“Wait, don’t tell me…you’re Alex Cohen?”

Kayson had not seen Alex before, but shortly after he met Sukie Lane when he was doing a background check on her, Kayson had learned of Alex Cohen. Recently, when investigating Symore’s origin, he heard of Alex Cohen yet again and even saw several secretly taken photos of him. Although the pictures were not very clear, his face could still be seen clearly.

After he examined Alex, Kayson confirmed Alex’s identity and asked with a puzzled face, “You’re the one who ordered Symore to seize Chase Lucas’ territory and not long ago, injured many of my men? This is really what it means to find something by chance when it should take great effort. I didn’t go to you to settle this score, yet here you are, taking the initiative to come to me!”

“You mean, you want to seek revenge on me? That’s great then. Let’s settle the score today and be done with it.”

“Since you’ve already come to me, I’m guessing you have some evidence, so I won’t hide it any longer. That’s right, Symore is in my hands. In such a situation, who are you to settle accounts with me? I have a hostage. What about you? What bargaining chips do you have?”

“I have no hostages, no bargaining chips, but I have the strength.”

Alex had already found Kayson and based on his tone, Symore was still alive, so Alex did not need to be too anxious.

On the other hand, Kayson was only feigning calmness. The moment he learned of Alex’s identity, he was nervous. Although this was the first time he met Alex, he had previously heard many rumors about him and knew how powerful Alex was. Knowing that Alex was surrounded by several masters, Alex was not someone an ordinary person could easily touch.

The combined strength of these people he brought was indeed above the amusement park staff, but they were still several notches away from those experts Alex brought and were only ordinary people. Against those masters, they would only be defeated in seconds. Alex was able to achieve a complete victory in the fight with the fat man earlier, so against these people he brought, it would also be a piece of cake.

Suddenly, Kayson sympathized with the fat man and understood his unexplainable suffering.

When Kayson realized that he could not take down Alex right then, he hid his inner panic and said to Alex while pretending to be calm, “This is a rare opportunity and I also think that we should put an end to all the grudges between us. However, it’s broad daylight and this is a public place, so it’s obviously inappropriate to settle grudges. I’m not worried about the onlookers, but if the police are alerted, it’s bound to cause unnecessary trouble.”

Alex guessed Kayson’s intentions but did not rush to point it out.

“Then what are you thinking?”

“Didn’t you say you have the strength? If you also have the guts, follow me to a place where no one will disturb us.”

“You want to lure me to your lair?”

“Just say whether you dare or not. If you don’t dare, let’s not talk about the rest today…”

“No need to provoke me. There’s no place I wouldn’t dare to go in all of Quill City! But I have two conditions. The first one is I have to meet with Symore first to confirm his condition. Secondly, your lover, Sukie Lane, must be present when we settle our grudge.”

To prevent Alex from backing out, Kayson nodded readily and said, “Sukie’s in the car. You can see her later. It’s just that Symore is a bit far from here, so it’s not practical to arrange for you both to meet immediately, but I can let you see him via video call.”

Likewise, Alex was afraid that Kayson would back out and agreed without much thought.

Kayson immediately took out his phone, pressed the video call button, and held it up to Alex.

Symore appeared on the screen. He was in a dark and damp place with blood all over his body. His nose and face were swollen and he looked very defeated. It was the complete opposite of Symore’s usual bold and grand stance. A man who lost his position would be subject to indignity.

The good thing was that Symore was still alive!

Alex’s heart ached and could not bear to see this. He briefly chatted with Symore, then urged Kayson to lead the way.

The whole group went over to the main entrance of the park. From a distance, Alex could see that next to the parking lot, a woman was staring at his Lamborghini with fascination.

That woman who he had not seen for several months was none other than Sukie Lane…

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