Super Son-In-Law

Super Son-In-Law Chapter 181

If Alex Cohen had not seen Sukie Lane in the bar’s surveillance footage, he would have forgotten about this old classmate.

This showed that Alex had already put down all his hatred for Sukie.

Sukie was not as forgetful as Alex though. She had already made a move against Symore. Although her main motive was to help Kayson Tannin to grab territory, she still intended to use this matter to deal with Alex. This also meant that a new grudge formed between them.

Enemies hated to see each other.

When Sukie unintentionally found Alex’s car, she stood motionless in front of it just to wait for Alex to return. After she heard the sound of footsteps and saw Alex, her already glum face became even more gloomy. Without the slightest hesitation, she quickly strode over towards the park entrance.

Alex blamed Symore’s capture on Sukie, so at the moment, he lost control of his emotions and subconsciously clenched his fists. He sped up his pace as he walked towards Sukie and questioned aggressively, “Sukie Lane, are you f*cking finished? Do you have to drive yourself to a dead-end before you’ll give up?”

Sukie’s voice was louder as she said viciously, “The one who pushed me to a dead-end isn’t me, but you! Alex Cohen, just because of you holding on to a small matter, you not only completely ruined my life, but also caused my parents’ suffering!”

“Had I known you were this despicable, I wouldn’t have let you off lightly!”

“You talk as if I don’t regret not killing you myself at that time!”

Alex and Sukie were both in a rage and treated each other as the enemy. Their verbal exchange was still secondary. The main thing was that they were both out of control. If they were not stopped, the two of them would have pounced on each other and fought in public.

Zeke’s hostility was also triggered. He rolled up his sleeves and was ready to support Alex.

Luckily, Big Ken still kept his wits about him, pulled Alex back, and gently reminded him.

“Young Master, don’t get agitated. Let her be for a little longer. Rescuing Symore’s our top priority now, so we should deal with Kayson Tannin first. After we rescue Symore, there’s still plenty of opportunities and time to deal with her.”


Alex suddenly came back to his senses and let out a long sigh. He then nodded his head in agreement.

“I was impulsive…let’s do as you say.”

On the other hand, Sukie, who was about to pounce at Alex, was quickly dragged away by Kayson. He pulled her aside and said with a stern face, “Now’s the time for us men to deal with business. You’re a woman, so just watch from the side and don’t get involved blindly! Didn’t you want revenge from Alex? Just wait for me to take him down, then he’ll be at your disposal!”


Sukie was reluctant but she did not dare to contradict Kayson, so she forced herself to agree.

“Then you must keep your word! After you’re done with your business, make sure you give me a chance to seek personal revenge! I’ve been waiting for this moment for too long!”

“Just do as I say. I won’t lie to you. Hurry up and get in the car, then stay there!”

Kayson just treated Sukie as a plaything and had no feelings for her. Now that the situation was urgent, he showed his temper to her. Kayson savagely pushed Sukie into the car, then quickly arranged for all his men to get into the car and left in a hurry.

To prevent Alex from changing his mind, Kayson sandwiched Alex’s two cars in the middle.

In less than ten minutes, the leading car slowed down.

Alex looked around and found that next to it was an urban village that did not fit in with the high-rise buildings in the city.

Seth saw that Kayson’s leading car had turned into the village and carefully examined the place. He suddenly said worriedly, “Mr. Cohen, something’s not right!”

Alex hurriedly asked, “What’s wrong? Did you see anything strange?”

“Mr. Cohen, as far as I know, Kayson Tannin has several underground fighting arenas, the largest of which is located in an urban village. This should be it.”

“Are you saying that Kayson Tannin wants to lure us to the fighting arena?”

“It doesn’t matter where we settle our grudge. The main point is that Kayson’s professional fighters are probably all here!”

When Alex heard the words “professional fighters”, he subconsciously thought of Zeke Martin.

If Zeke were to learn of this news, he would probably jump up with excitement.

Alex did not have such high demands as Zeke regarding their opponent’s skills, but he was very excited and patted Seth’s arm.

“Don’t worry, there’s no shortage of professionals on our side. Moreover, we still have a killer hand that we haven’t shown yet. Just now when I told Kayson that there’s no place in Quill City I dare not go, it might’ve sounded like I was bragging. But it’s the truth…”

“Uh…it’s good that you’re prepared.”

Seth had already reminded Alex, but as for how to respond, it was still Alex’s call.

A few minutes later, Kayson’s car went through the village and came through to the other side. The car finally pulled over and stopped at the entrance of a “Boxing Enthusiast Club”. The facade was not big, but it was quite spacious inside. As Seth guessed earlier, this was a fighting arena for underground fighting matches.

Kayson got out of the car, pointed to the club, and said to Alex, “This is it.”

Alex shrugged his shoulders and said, “Hurry up then.”

“Follow me!”

Kayson gave one of his followers next to him a look, then strode inside and walked straight through the spacious lobby to the elevator. He went first into the elevator alone. Instead of pressing the keypad, he lifted it to reveal another keypad inside with only two buttons on it: B1 and B2. He pressed the B2 button and quickly snapped the keypad shut, then signaled for Alex’s group to enter.

Although Alex did not see Kayson pressing the button, after entering the elevator with his companions, he felt that the elevator was going more than one level downward. It was only at this point that Alex finally raised his alertness a little.

After all, they were about to enter Kayson’s lair.

In his rival’s territory, it was better to be cautious and tread lightly.

As the elevator doors opened, the surroundings were pitch black.

One of Kayson’s men got out of the elevator first and pressed several switches before the place was finally lit up.

Alex could finally see clearly and was very surprised…to be precise, he was more shocked. This basement was actually as big as two basketball courts and looked like a square. Right in the middle was a very standard looking boxing ring. The rest of the place was empty besides several tables and chairs in the corner.

At the moment, this place looked very quiet and lifeless.

However, Alex could imagine that when there was a fighting competition, this place must be as lively and bustling as a concert.

Only, those who gathered here were not fans, but spectators, and the majority were probably also gamblers.

Alex was deep in his imagination when he suddenly heard someone pushing the door, followed by the sound of intensive footsteps. Following the sound, he realized that in addition to the elevator, two other doors were led to this floor. These two doors were pushed open and a long line of young men filed into the room respectively from both entrances.

In the blink of an eye, Alex’s group of six were surrounded by no less than thirty opponents.

This scene looked very threatening.

Nonetheless, Alex remained calm and collected, then turned to stare at Kayson.

“You called all your people here?”

Kayson sneered and said, “Cohen, against the six of you, these people should be enough, right?”

“You mean to forgo the part of where we state our terms and just start fighting?”

“I just told you earlier. What bargaining chips do you even have? You know clearly what situation you’re in now, so cut the crap! You only have two choices. Either surrender now or I’ll use Symore’s dying wail as my battle cry.”

After Kayson finished speaking, he gave a look to one of his groupies beside him.

That groupie immediately went to one of the doors and pulled a lever to reveal another door on the flat wall, then pressed a switch.

Alex fixed his eyes and saw that Symore was lying on the floor in that small room.

Now that they finally found Symore, Alex breathed a sigh of relief and said to Kayson, “You’ve shown your hand, so now it’s my turn…”

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